My Weekly Writing Challenge

It’s that time of the week again – yes, it’s nearly the weekend and it’s also time for my new writing challenge. Your three options are:

Option one: Write a limerick with the word elephant in it somewhere

Option two: Write a poem on the theme of love

Option three: Write a ten-word story using all of the following words: Syzygy, Rupert, fish and plastic

Last week option one was to write a limerick with the word nosey featuring in it somewhere. Here are your wonderful results:

Jane Basil is first up and has written four brilliant limericks. Here’s a taster…

The chicken-bellied parson of Aldershot
Was a nosey, backmailing, wicked lot
Even when in repose
The parson’s nose
Could weazel out secrets, and plot.

Please visit her site to read the rest:

Steve Walsky always produces something good:

The bird sat safe on a limb
Eyeing a cat with a hungry grin
Then there was a loud bark
Giving the cat a running start
Thankfully a nosey dog had stepped in.

Ladyleemanila took up two challenges including the limerick and poetry options:

Graeme Sandford has gone for something a bit different with his limerick. Enjoy:

Nosey, I am
And Nosey I was
I looks into things
If they’re there – just because!
I pries
With my eyes
You ‘could’ say I spies
But, my excuse is; I’m the Wizard of Oz!

A big welcome back to David Harrison. Here’s his entertaining limerick:

When I took round a Valentine’s posy
It was my fault for being so nosy
Wasn’t my amour’s house
It belonged to a Scouse
who went by the name of Red Rosie.
Option two was to write a poem on the theme of hope.
Please read Jane Basil‘s painful, heart-felt poem:
The final option was to write a ten-word story using all of the following words: Collywobbles, pink, wasp and cheese. I love seeing where your minds take you with these challenges:
Sacha Black‘s entry is always funny:
Smelly pink cheese gives wasps the collywobbles and scary nightmares.
Jane Basil took up all three challenges. Here’s her ten-word stories and a six-worder for good measure:

Pink cheese for dinner, wasp souffle for dessert. Colliwobbles later.

In: Cheese-battered wasp.
Instant Colliwobbles.
Out: Pink stomach lining.

Make pink cheese and collywobble pie. That wasp deserves it.

(and the obvious six-worder…)

Pink cheese gives the wasp colliwobbles.

Carol Campbell wanted to try something different this week so chose the ten-word option:

Finally, here’s David Harrison with his amusing story:

Bunter’s collywobbles rumbled.
“Yaroo! A wasp in my pink cheese!”








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54 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Rajiv says:

    When is this due?

  2. TanGental says:

    Have I shared this love poem based on one of Shakespeare’s famous love sonnets?
    Only skin deep (after Sonnet 130)

    The azure of the wide Pacific seas
    Has depth, unlike your bland insipid eyes.
    A dancer’s legs are shaped by art to please
    But yours are not for show, they need disguise.
    My tongue, whose form can change to suit all tastes,
    From gentle probe to pert, priapic beast,
    Becomes a dry and flaccid thing, all chaste,
    If suffocated by your doggy breath’s release.
    Facial engineers, who can craft Kate Moss
    From Quasimodo, turn and run a mile:
    I’d give my soul to Satan, bear any loss
    If they’d mould Venus from your Cubist smile.
    Let’s face it, love, on me you’ve placed a hex:
    It’s not your looks that bind us, just the sex.

  3. Go on then…

    A pachyderm down at the zoo
    (That’s an elephant to me and you)
    Found a little brown mouse
    At the back of its house
    And now it’s pach’d off – toodle-oo

    “So who’s got the biggest of ears,”
    Asked a couple of wizened old dears
    “An elephant’s large
    But my husband’s drill sarge
    Had to trim his with gardening shears”

    I had purposed my sorrows to drown
    When the circus came into our town
    I wound up as high
    As an elephant’s eye
    And woke up in the pond, upside down

    An unfortunate young man named Roger
    Had an elephant’s trunk for a … nah. Can’t use that one.

  4. An elephant from Timbuctoo,
    Could play the Didgeridoo,
    Whilst playing one night,
    He started a fight,
    And caused so much hullabaloo.

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  6. Sacha Black says:

    Love that photo that’s the kind of thing I’d say!! 😂

    Ok bit morbid… Apols!

    Plastic suffocated Rupert the fish. His last view, the Syzygy.

  7. Helen Jones says:

    Hi Esther,

    Here’s my effort:

    ‘It’s a syzygy.’
    ‘No, it’s a plastic fish, Rupert.’

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  8. Le Fragi says:

    Elephants are big and they’re grey
    The Lord deemed to make them that way
    (All, apart from Elmer, who’s a patchwork of hues)
    They have trunks that are long
    Through which they trumpet a song
    But, if we’re not careful, they’ll all fade away.

  9. Le Fragi says:

    A poem about love
    With help from above
    For, when push comes to shove,
    We hope it will fit us like a glove
    Or two gloves
    Gloves are wonderful things
    Love is a wonderful thing
    ‘It’ makes my heart sing
    ‘They’ keep my hands warm
    If it’s cold, or in a storm.
    Love is found in gloves
    Just take away my initials
    And there it is.


  10. Steve says:

    I included this haiku love poem in a short story that I posted 2/6/16 on Simplicity Lane.

    ‘Look Towards the Horizon’

    Nature’s child feels dreams
    As stars shine away darkness
    Love dreams fill the sky

  11. Le Fragi says:


    “Yes, Trombonia?”

    “Rupert, plastic fish, you; all opposed!”


  12. Le Fragi says:

    Elephant? Do you remember the time…
    When ‘you’ were not in this rhyme?
    It was only just now
    Before we knew how
    This content could be so sublime.


  13. challenge110 says:

    Hi Esther

    Thanks for posting this. I thought I’d have a go at a limerick. I’ve never done anything like that before, so I thought it would be an interesting challenge. So clueless was I about limericks that I had to Google the ‘rules’. So here it is.

    Any constructive feedback from readers is most welcome.



    I went to see the elephant

    And found him mighty elegant

    It’s his birthday, said Sam

    He’s been having some jam

    I thought, that’s a bit decadent?

  14. Le Fragi says:

    “A ‘poem’?”
    “Upon the theme of ‘love’?”
    “Guess so.”
    “Good Lord above!”
    “Language, Graeme.”
    “Sorry, but I am like a dove.”
    “You are?”
    “I am. It’s a simile, you see.”
    “Yes, that much is clear to me.”
    “And my wings (if I had them)
    Would like to take flight.”
    “Ah! Are you a dove…
    Or do you just have dove’s wings?”
    “I am a dove. Or I would be.”
    “Good. Because you, with dove’s wings, just wouldn’t take flight.”
    “I might.”
    “No, trust me on this one
    It is on reality founded
    That you
    With the wings of a dove
    Would be totally grounded.”
    “Not flying above?”
    “Not a chance.”
    “Oh! In that case
    A dove is no loss,
    I shall be like an albatross!”
    “O-kay. If you like.”
    “Upon… a bike!”
    “Oh, I give up.”


  15. Rajiv says:

    I lost your email… But, here is my 10 word story
    “Rupert Syzgy – strange name, strange man, ate plastic fish everyday”

  16. JasonMoody77 says:

    “Cosmic syzygy,” proclaimed Rupert. His plastic fork useless on fish.

  17. JasonMoody77 says:

    Option 2.

    If I hand you my heart,
    Will you please take good care?
    If this you can do,
    Then my life you’ll share.

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