Funny Of The Week/Terrible Typos Part Four

If ever there was a deterrent for shoplifting, this has to be it…


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9 Responses to Funny Of The Week/Terrible Typos Part Four

  1. That is amazing, and although I’m good at making mistakes myself, I just don’t know how an error like this is possible, unless, somewhere along the production line they used Spellcheck, and Spellcheck was feeling naughty that day.

    I do remember talking to a couple in America on FB once, and I received a phone call so I typed, “Hang on a sec” into the chat box, and pressed “Send” or whatever. I looked again and saw I had actually written, “Hang on a sex” which made my eyebrows wobble a bit, but luckily they were very sporting about it, ha ha ha

    • esthernewton says:

      Brilliant! I actually sent a Christmas greeting, which should have read ‘Have a great Christmas’, but was sent as ‘Have a breast Christmas’. So, yes, it’s very easy to do!

  2. JasonMoody77 says:

    I’m never thieving from there again!

  3. Sacha Black says:

    I look forward to these every week! Best series yet!

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