My Weekly Writing Challenge

It’s Thursday and time for my new weekly writing challenge. Here are your options:

Option one: Write a limerick with the word bubble in it somewhere

Option two: Write a poem on the theme of nature

Option three: Write a ten-word story using all of the following words: Fandango, insipid, trifle and gurning

Last week option one was to write a limerick with the word  unicorn featuring in it somewhere. Here are your highly entertaining results:

A huge welcome to Tessa who took up the challenge for the first time. Please read her limerick:

Next up it’s our King of Limericks, Keith Channing  with several to treat us:

A struggling young artist from Morne
Said, when asked to paint a unicorn,
“That’s all balderdash,
But for enough cash,
I’ll paint you a horse with a horn.”

What kept me awake all last night,
Was not that the unicorn’s white;
No. The question that vexes
Is: do both the sexes
Have horns? Surely that can’t be right.

The antelope’s horn is of bone
While the rhino’s is hair; that’s well known
But I need to find out
To remove any doubt,
Is the unicorn’s magically grown?

Petre Rovere sent in a limerick which made me chuckle:

On a field full of corn,

She found her unicorn,

Tried to pat his back,

When the reality hit back,

She started to mourn.

Option two was to write a poem on the theme of your old school days:

I’m pleased to see Steve Walsky here again, with his wonderful poem. Please visit his site to read it:

Geoff Le Pard‘s poem will have you remembering your own school days:

Learning v Education

Alison wore green ribbed wooly tights
Which is an odd detail to remember
Given I was nine at the time
And I thought girls were aliens

I sat next to a boy called Vyvyan
Who looked a bit like the girl called Vivian
They had small noses and curly red hair
But he wore shorts and
She had long hair
So that explained it.

We used a climbing frame
Until Douglas fell off
And broke his arm
During break
Which was ironic
Only. I didn’t know it at the time

Stuart smelt of old shoes
And was sewn into his underwear
During the winter.
We didn’t mind
Because he collected slow worms
And we thought that was cool
Before we knew what cool was

I had a lot to learn
Which I didn’t do at school.

Jason Moody sent in a heart-felt poem:

Sat at the back
Content to be quiet
While other kids roared
And whipped up a riot

I tried to fit in
And discover my voice
But bullies got to me
So I had no choice

Despite this small hitch
I threw myself in
“Ignore them,” Mum said
but my skin was too thin

Year after year
I grew a little
The bullies died down
And my feelings? Less brittle

Friends I had made
So that was a start
A sanctuary I had
When I was in art

The years had rolled by
Exams were ahead
How could I recall
All in my head?

I did what I could
Perhaps not enough
Had I let myself down?
that was just tough

My time at school
At best, a bit mixed
But soon off to college
Where that could be fixed.

Please visit Carol Campbell‘s site to read her heart-wrenching poem:

Finally, option three was to write a ten-word story using all of the following words: treacle, nasty, exorbitant and hairy:

Teachwell had fun creating her amusing story:

Hairy situation: Shopkeeper’s exorbitant price makes me barf nasty treacle!

Hugh Roberts couldn’t resist having a go and is up next up with a funny story:

The nasty hairy beetle drowned in the exorbitant priced treacle.

Jason Moody sent in three great stories:

Twenty pounds for that exorbitant, hairy, nasty bit of treacle?

The big hairy, nasty monster loved treacle. Not exorbitant prices!

“Alright, treacle? Fancy an exorbitant, nasty, hairy cat? House trained!”

Les Moriarty brings last week’s entries to a close with two super stories:

The exorbitant cost of treacle made nasty, hairy Mick wince.

Hairy Mary screamed at the nasty exorbitantly priced unicorn horn.








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36 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Le Fragi says:

    Nonsense ‘Bubble’ Limerick

    It was only a bubble of my possible thoughts
    At least it was something not a bucket of noughts
    For ideas were scarce
    Up the old apples and pears
    And I much prefer writing to sports.

  2. Hi Esther, sorry I’ve not been around for a couple of weeks. Have been caught up with reviewing and writing. Here’s my contribution for this week.

    *Wine insipid, trifle awful, now hitting the dancefloor to Fandango*

    *Jo xx*

    *Jo Lambert, * *Author of Romantic Drama Driven Fiction* *Reviewer for Brook Cottage Books and NetGalley*

    Currently Reading [image: Book Cover] [image: Goodreads Logo] Get your own email signature

    *Website: *

    *Blog: *** *e-mail: *** *Googleplus: *

    *Twitter: @jolambertwriter* ** *Pinterest: *

    On 21 January 2016 at 19:08, esthernewtonblog wrote:

    > esthernewton posted: “It’s Thursday and time for my new weekly writing > challenge. Here are your options: Option one: Write a limerick with the > word bubble in it somewhere Option two: Write a poem on the theme of nature > Option three: Write a ten-word story using all of the f” >

  3. Le Fragi says:

    Hey! I used the word ‘bubble’ in rhyme
    It may have been my very first time
    I will use it again
    In another refrain
    But, to overuse it would be a poetry crime.

  4. Le Fragi says:

    Oh, dear; now I am in a bathful of trouble
    For writing Limericks about the prompt that is ‘bubble’
    And now to come clean
    And just say what I mean
    All my dreams they are turning to flubble.

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  6. My effort doesn’t follow the prompt to the letter, but this is what came out when I meditated on the word ‘nature’.

  7. Gurning nauseously, he danced an insipid fandango while guzzling trifle.

  8. my grandad in amorous mood
    didn’t notice the gum granny chewed
    her best-ever bubble
    got popped by his stubble
    and now their lips are glued

  9. TanGental says:

    Two sonnets on the subject of climate change on mother nature

    Global Warming: The Future’s Hot

    His skin is a sticky backed plastic,
    One he made earlier. A white
    Crust forms, pores oozing their oily mastic,
    Like a shield displaying the toiler’s blight.
    He bows his head against the drooping sun,
    Leans into the teeth of the harsh solar wind;
    Effortful tears round his farrowed eyes run,
    Each suppurating drop leaving him blind,
    False-stepping from trimmed field to tangled Web,
    While arrogant man thinks he’s in control;
    The future’s a desert, his life-waters ebb,
    Jet-glazed, he continues his skills to extol.
    For our children the tide will lap them with dust;
    Our bequest will be fields we have covered with rust

    A Springless Future

    Cold Jack, content and job well done, crept home
    Allowing Spring her turn to warm the earth.
    Crocus tongues pushed out through softening loam
    As glass-eyed shepherds watched their flock give birth.
    We, unplucked youth, prime cocked with urgent sap,
    Felt the tug of Nature’s call to breed.
    Like sheep, we followed Her bewitching map
    To plant, in fertile earth, our febrile seed.
    Yet somewhere Nature’s diverse scheme was lost;
    Our black-fuelled lust seared seasons into one.
    Our greed has neutered Jack; he’s become a ghost,
    Sharp fingers culled by a remorseless sun.
    Why would our lambs breed, given this breach of trust?
    We’ve fried this once green Earth, turning it to dust.

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  11. Le Fragi says:

    “Mr. Fandango?”
    “Your gurning is a trifle upsetting.”


  12. Le Fragi says:

    “Mr Insipid?”
    (Gurning): “Mr. Fandango is a trifle upset!”


  13. JasonMoody77 says:

    Option 2.

    It’s everywhere, but I bet you’ve forgotten
    As your roll over the parts less trodden.

    You claim that you care, I’m not sure you do
    Your efforts are token, your hearts are not true

    Your buildings they climb the profits they rise
    Blissfully ignorant of natures demise.

  14. JasonMoody77 says:

    There once was a girl named Mary
    Who’s said to be away with the fairies
    Living in a bubble
    She’d avoid all life’s troubles
    If you think, is rather quite scary

  15. JasonMoody77 says:

    I awoke with a start one fine morning
    Unable to stop myself yawning
    I fell out of bed
    And bumped my head
    So please let that be a warning!

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