Guest Writer Spot

My guest writer this week is Bharul Chhatbar. Before you read her poignant poem, here’s a little bit about her, in her own words:

I am basically a housewife from Gujarat – India with the passion of writing poems and short stories. My husband is very supportive inspiring me to write. I am proud mother of two. My children boost me up to write more and more. I thank God for blessing me such a wonderful supportive family.’



Bharul Chhatbar


Empty handed we came

Empty handed shall we go

With lots to burden

The journey of life flows.


More the greed, more miseries

More the contention, more peace.


More the anger, more frustration

More the coolness, more satisfaction.


More the criticism, more low self-esteem.

More the positive attitude, more stable shall we feel.


Empty handed we came

Empty handed shall we go

Then why such pitfalls

In our life should we sow?


Friday sees my Guest Writer Spot, which gives writers the opportunity for their  work to be seen and read by others. I accept stories, poems, articles – in fact, anything and everything. All you have to do is make sure your prose is no longer than 2000 words and your poems no more than 40 lines. If you would like some of your writing to be featured on my blog, please contact me here or by e-mail:



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6 Responses to Guest Writer Spot

  1. A nice verse to read and contemplate on.

  2. AJ.Dixon says:

    I really like the pace of this poem, it suits the message very well.

  3. Sacha Black says:

    Love these guest posts. Lovely to see so many aspiring writers.

    I love the quote you added at the bottom too this week.

  4. Bharul says:


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