My Weekly Writing Challenge

Was it really Christmas Eve and two weeks ago when I set my last writing challenge? The time has really flown and we’re already a week into the New Year.  So here’s to a new set of challenges and for something completely different. Each week, I’m going to give you three different options. Here are this week’s:

Option one: Write a limerick featuring the word scrabble in it somewhere

Option two: Write a poem on the theme of winter

Option three: Write a ten-word story using the words vanity, Angus, spiffing and cauliflower

Back to the challenges I set you before Christmas:

Your first option was to choose as many words as you could from the following list  and write a twenty-word story:

  • New
  • Year
  • Cocktails
  • Jackanapes
  • Plastered
  • Dave
  • Expectations
  • Games
  • Midnight
  • Jollification
  • Discommodious
  • Resolutions
  • Unicorn
  • January
  • Granny

Helen Gaen always works hard to use all of the words in the list. Be prepared to be amazed, once again:

Plastered Dave sought midnight jollification, games, New Year cocktails… Granny overturned January’s expectations buying a jackanapes and unicorn. Discommodious resolutions!

Jane Basil also managed to use all 15 words with her wonderfully funny story:

Dave, the discommodious midnight unicorn, shattered New Year expectations, resolutions, games, jackanapes and jollification.
Plastered from cocktails, Granny missed January.

Here she uses ten words for a sadder story:

New Year games and jollification
distended by discomodious cocktails,
resolutions diminishing at midnight’s bell,
expectations disappearing in January’s drunken wake.

I’m thrilled to see Sacha Black back and taking up the challenge with a fab story:

Plastered granny was not impressed with idiot Dave’s jollification at midnight nor the discommodious nature of the unicorn related resolution.

Helen Jones has written an super story:

‘Another New Year.’
I grabbed another from the tray of cocktails as Dave lurched past, plastered.
‘Is it midnight yet?’

Here’s Jo Lambert’s entertaining story:

Young Dave, drinking cocktails at midnight with his old granny, makes New Year resolutions and has high expectations for 2016.

Finally, Les Moriarty delights us with his funny tale:

New Year cocktails at midnight left Dave plastered. He apologised to his granny for discommoding her. Jollification was not abound.

The second option was to write a story/poem, centred around any of the following New Year themes :

  • Friendship
  • New beginnings
  • Party

Carole Campbell sent in a lovely poem. Please visit her site to enjoy it:

I’m pleased to say Keith Channing has brought his wonderful humour, in the form of poetry, to the challenge, using all three themes:

Why should it be
That each time we see
The twenty-fifth of December
We find more and more
That Christmas of yore
Becomes harder to remember?

Like that holiday
Down Malaysia way
That near drove me off of my rocker
We flew west to east
In an ancient old beast;
A Friendship from Dutch maker Fokker

We left Kuala Lumpur
With my woollen jumper
(Not true but at leat it’s a rhyme)
Without feeling inferior
We toured the interior
(A lie, coz we didn’t have time).

One year in the East
For the annual feast
We were staying in downtown Hong Kong
When my lad got his gift
He was suitably miffed
It was broken before very long

He took from their box
His plastic binocs
And the look on his face said ‘betrayed’
Though he soon understood
That they’d be no damned good
“You can tell by the place they were made”

In my best pirate voice
I said, “You’ve got no choice,
Make the best of what’s there now, my hearty.
The toy may be broken
But Captain has spoken;
As Bart Simpson said, ‘Let’s have a party’.”

So party we did
Disappointment was hid
And out thoughts went from losing to winning
And that’s how my son
Learnt to forget what’s done
And commit to a brand new beginning.

Les Moriarty also wrote a poem for this week’s challenge. It’s absolutely delightful and will leave you with a warm glow:


A true friend is

not just a friend.


A true friend

looks after you,

cares for you,

trusts you,

loves you.


They do not leave

in times of woe

When the rest

get up and run.


A true friend is exactly

like you!



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34 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Always entertaining to read all the different entries Esther. 🙂

  2. Option 1 tonight; option 2 tomorrow (possibly); I’ll pass on 3

    For twenty-five days on the run
    Me and Jimmy were looking for fun
    We challenged the rabble
    To a quick game of Scrabble
    And guess what, we ruddy-well won!

    Tis a difficult game, 3D Scrabble
    Using words that are sheer techno-babble
    Though it does serve you right
    If you’re stuck there all night
    You were just so determined to dabble

  3. Option 2 (will be on my blog tomorrow morning)

    Because we’re quite old
    We escaped from the cold
    The missus, the doggy and me,
    But the damned rain in Spain
    Wasn’t down on the plain
    It was right there with us, by the sea

    Day two it was lighter,
    The weather was brighter
    And the sun shone a watery face.
    It was warm; what is more
    We were down by the shore
    And fell quickly in love with the place.

    The long pebbly beach
    Took three minutes to reach
    So we went there each day before dinner.
    The dog had long walks
    While we had long talks
    You could tell everyone was a winner.

    You know, I had a hunch
    When we ate Christmas lunch
    That we wouldn’t be there for much longer
    But some big things had changed
    Since the trip we’d arranged
    And the urge to go home was much stronger.

    It was really quite funny
    The weather was sunny
    Till the night we decided to go
    But the very next day
    The sun went away.
    Still; at least there was no blooming snow.

  4. kim881 says:

    Hi Esther and a happy New Year! Here is a limerick featuring the word ‘scrabble’ that only works if you’re British!

    A Scrabble player from Nunhead
    Was anxious to pick up a Z
    He felt deep in the sack,
    Kept throwing tiles back
    And got stuck with a Q instead.

  5. Jocelyn Barker says:

    Hi, Esther!

    Two limericks:

    1) “Isn’t Scrabble a wonderful game?” Says my sister, “But what’s in a name?” “Clear, sable, crab, sale, Barb, cable, scab, bale, And there’s plenty more words whence they came!”

    2) Arriving for room, bed and board, His landlady soon had him floored. Invited to dabble In one game of Scrabble, In no time he found he had scored!

    My next assignment is underway but I’ve hit a bit of a block. 😞 Hoping to get it moving again soon!

    Thanks for the inspiring things in your newsletters – it really helps to read them.

    Best wishes, Jocelyn.

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. TanGental says:

    If there’s one thing to make maiden’s babble
    It’s a full frontal game of strip scrabble
    Without letters from France
    They’ll be taking a chance
    They dabbled with a rabble at scrabble

  7. kim881 says:

    Here’s a short poem on the theme of winter:

    Winter Rising

    Early morning frost laced
    Leaves and grass
    Bejewelled cobwebs
    Glittered as we passed
    Our words hung breathless
    In the frozen air
    And then melted away
    In the early sun’s glare.

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  10. Le Fragi says:

    What had seven eyes and can’t cope;
    Has exchanged MONEY for A ROPE
    Needs a queue.
    But, doesn’t have you
    And is scrabbling to score… what a hope!

    Guided here by Kim881.


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  13. Hi Esther, Happy New Year! Happy to take part for the first time 🙂

  14. esthernewton says:

    Thank you, Carol, another great poem 🙂

  15. Hi Esther, I chose option 2 🙂

    Words of Winter

    The wind blew through the
    Frost-encrusted trees
    Whispering words of winter
    Telling tales of snow and ice
    Chilling all it touched with its
    Frozen fingers
    That clawed through the air
    Until it reached the
    Very heart of everything

  16. JasonMoody77 says:

    Option 3 please…

    The spiffing cauliflower Angus grew? Modest. His vanity? Absolutely enormous!

  17. Sacha Black says:

    Angus’s date, hated both his vanity and his ‘spiffing’ cauliflower.

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