My Weekly Writing Challenge

For this week’s challenge, you can either write a ten-word story using at least six words from the list given, or you can write a story/poem from the second list:

Option one: Choose at least six words from the following list and write a ten-word story:

  • Jettatura
  • Mourinho
  • Caravan
  • Acersecomic
  • Fanfaronade
  • Gambol
  • Leptosome
  • Demure
  • Furtive
  • Palimpsest

Option two: Write a story/poem, centred around any of the following emotions :

  • Enchanted
  • Envy
  • Ecstasy

Last week’s ten words were as follows:

  • Whimsical
  • Uproar
  • Fireman
  • Doodle
  • Macrosmatic
  • Quire
  • Winklepickers
  • Versace
  • Hedgehog
  • Gregarious

I know a lot of you are immersed in NaNo so haven’t had time to work on anything else. Thank you to those who could spare a minute or two. Here are the amusing results:

Jocelyn Barker sent in two, both using a fabulous seven words:

Fireman’s whimsical doodle of hedgehog in Versace winklepickers caused uproar!

Whimsical doodles of gregarious hedgehogs in Versace winklepickers caused uproar!

Carol Campbell couldn’t resist the ten-word story:

In an uproar for whimsical Versaces. They are gregarious winklepickers.

Les Moriarty sent in two hilarious stories:

His Versace winklepickers caused uproar worn by the gregarious fireman.

A quire was needed for the fireman’s whimsical hedgehog doodle.

Option two was to write a story/poem, on any of the following dark themes:

  • Murder
  • Mystery
  • Monsters

Helen Gaen managed a flash fiction piece which used all three prompts. Well done, Helen!:

Marnie’s Choice

Marnie is hungry. There is no more food…Not unless she’s prepared to eat humans. Unthinkable thought! Ten days on, Marnie is very much weaker. Either she finds the mental strength to eat humans or accepts she’ll be the next lunch…Is Marnie human?



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11 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Helen says:

    I’m impressed with all the ten-word stories. I couldn’t get one together this week, although I did try. Well done, Jocelyn, Carol and Les: I enjoyed reading all your stories!

  2. somewords4u says:

    Hello Mrs Esther. Good to be here again. I am offering this short piece on ‘envy’. Hope you will like it. Thank you. Good day.

    Regret remains…..

    The circles evolving in the water stopped. Janice had a clearer image of herself. But the expressions she was offered was not what she waiting for. She raised her gaze then observed the image again. It did not change.

    “Why are you making such a face? You got what you wanted?”
    But there could be no reply. She was talking to herself after all. Janice was confused between guilt, jealously or pity for herself.
    Janice and her family had been to the graduation ceremony of her younger sister. It was a matter of pride indeed . She could see the glowing faces of her parents and grandparents when her sister was being honoured. She was happy too. Yet deep within she was uncomfortable.
    “You are jealous. That’s it!” The allegation was burden-like.
    “No. I can’t be jealous of my own sister.”
    “Really ? Then why are you here and not sharing the happy moments of your own ones.”
    “It’s just….”
    “See! You have no words.”
    Janice knew her image was right. She was jealous for not being the one to get the praises, for not being the pride of the parents. But things could neither be that wise. It was already late.
    Janice was in her mid secondary education when she decided to stop her further studies. Her teens had been very difficult for her family to handle. Most of the time she would keep away from her parents and sister. Any interference on their behalf would made her wild. They felt compelled to the extent of agreeing for nearly all she would say and demand. Her lavish expenses were unbearable.
    Once she asked for such a raise in her pocket money justifying that she felt inferior to her friends who wore much more expensive outfits and designer accessories. Her father infuriated decided to reduce her pocket money to half the amount. However her immature reasoning was far from the level of understanding, leading to her drastic decision of taking up a job. She thought being self dependent would give her the lifestyle she wanted.
    Her coquettish attitudes being a plus, Janice was appointed as assistant in the salon she frequented. Her parents faced much disappointment and obligation to yield to her stupidity fearing she would take drastic steps.
    Gradually as years elapsed, her younger sister grew up scoring good results at school. She came out first in her final exams and was awarded a grant for her tertiary education. And after five years she got her graduation certificate.
    “You could have been somebody else rather than a hairdresser.” She carried the guilt and acknowledged deserving the sarcastic taunts of her own self.
    “My immaturity had cost so many years of my life wasted and also the coming years would seem like wasted. Because perhaps they could have been better, if only……”

  3. My ten word story using six of your prompts: The Palimpsest a furtive jettatura, a leptosome caravan of Fanfaronade.
    Which translates to: The reused or altered document, a furtive, casting of an evil eye caravan of boasting talk!!

  4. Fiona Trowbridge says:

    Hi Esther

    I’m not sure if my reply went through on your WordPress site because I used an email address that was associated with a an old account on there, so here’s what I tried to post.

    Wow! That made me reach for the dictionary. Here’s my 10 word story…. A demure, furtive, acersecomic leptosome presented Mourinho with a palimpsest.


  5. TanGental says:

    Hi. I’ve used Envy as a prompt for my story on the 18th. Watch this space…

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