Monday Motivations

To inspire your writing this week, here are a few ideas:

Story opening:

I knew I was going to die today. I knew it from the moment I first opened my eyes. 





Last week, I gave you the following ideas:

Story opening:

‘It’s all your dad’s fault. I warned you what would happen!’ she said.




The Final Journey

Teachwell sent in the following cracking story:

The Final Journey
“It’s all your dad’s fault. I warned you what would happen!” she said.

What could I say? My mother was right. If I hadn’t listened to Joe, I wouldn’t be sitting in this nasty ER waiting room. Five hours and counting. If not for Joe, I wouldn’t be cuffed to a hard plastic chair, guarded by an equally hard police officer. It’s all Joe’s fault.
“Come on, Cassie,” my dad had pleaded. “I wouldn’t ask you if I had any choice. I gotta pay these dudes. All you have to do is drop a bag into an open car window. Easy-peasy.”

“Joe!” I had whined. I had been calling my dad by his first name since I realized he was more of a kid than me. That was five years ago and he hadn’t changed a bit.

“Honey, are you still upset with me about that last time? I had no idea the dealer was an undercover cop.”

I groaned. “Mom warned me not to listen to you. She says you are a psycho or something.”

“Cassie, honey, this is my last drop. Then I’m out. I promise!”

I had shaken my head but knew I couldn’t refuse Joe. Not with that expectant half-smile.

Not with those big, dark eyes. Joe knew I was hooked.

The rest of the evening was a blur. I’d taken Joe’s money bag to the window of a pimpmobile. Unfortunately, some dude in the passenger’s seat had grabbed more than the bag. He locked onto my arm like a gorilla. It wasn’t my fault that his pistol ended up in my hand. I couldn’t be blamed for the accidental shot which ricocheted through the car. Or for the death of the driver, who slumped onto the accelerator and dragged me several rough feet down the road.

“Why do you listen to your dad?” my mother had asked in frustration. “I warned you what would happen!”

“I know,” I sighed. “This was the last time. I mean it.”

Geoff Le Pard wrote a story for his Nanthology, which encompassed all three prompts. Do read it; as always, it’s brilliant.



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10 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. That quote is so true. Sometimes writers are so busy trying to think of something to write, what’s right in front of them flailing wildly for attention gets ignored.

  2. Kev says:

    Very good… too bad for the guys in the car. 😀

  3. Helen says:

    I enjoyed your story Geoff, but it did make me feel a bit funny. My grandfather was a POW in Fukuoke. Working on the railway destroyed him in a lot of ways. Good luck with your challenge. I thought about doing something similar, as I’m working on a short story collection. But chickened out. So good on you – and good luck!

  4. Helen says:

    Lessons learned sounds really good, Geoff. Also how does it feel to take on a challenge like this? You might be exhausted and need a rest when you finish though. So no rush!

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