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I know some of you are working on new pieces for my Guest Writer spot, which is great. I look forward to reading them. If anyone else would like their writing to appear here, please get in touch.  I’m looking for stories and articles (up to 2000 words) and poems (up to 40 lines). You can  contact me here or by e-mail:

Here is another moving poem from Gordon Simmonds:

When I am Gone

When I am gone, I will walk into the light

And revel in the happiness of meeting those of mine who have gone before.

Then, in the quiet time that must surely follow, I will grieve.

I will seek out the dark; for my soul will yearn for those I have left behind.

I will grieve for the trials and tribulations of the life they must endure without my guiding hand.

I will watch over them and laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry.

I will feel their pain when they hurt, and joy when they succeed.

I will pass my ghostly hand over them to cure their ills,

And when they feel the cold kiss of my lips,

They will know that I am there still, with hope and comfort.

For I would have them know that a love so deep in life cannot die with death.

When I am gone, I will walk into the light

But my soul must bear the scars of an impure life.

I must reflect upon the guilt of countless sins

Developed and accumulated in a lifetime littered with flawed judgement.

The guilt for all the things I should have done, and didn’t do.

For all the words I should have said, but didn’t say.

For mistakes I made in selfishness, or ignorance, or crass stupidity.

I’ve made beds which were too hard to rest my faulted body

Or ‘pon which the fates decreed I should not lie.

I know this now, but careless in the foolish flush of youth, I never thought

That consequence succeeds both action and inaction.

When I am gone, I will walk into the light

Then, when the time is right, and lessons of this life are learnt and penance duly paid,

The powers of those we cannot understand will send me back – into the dark.

To bring the tiny light and warmth of this life,

Like a flickering candle back into the night of this world.

But do not share my grief, my loved ones, for I will be with you always.

When next you see a child, not far from where you are, and say

“I know that look, that laugh, that mannerism.”

Ponder then, that he or she might be the bearer of my soul into another lesson in life.

For I will not be far away.

When I am gone.



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