Monday Motivations

You have two choices for your Monday Motivations this week – a story beginning or an ending.

Here’s your beginning:

George was going to die.

Now comes the ending:

As I drove away I let the tears come, wondering if I would ever come home again.

Last week’s prompt came courtesy of the wonderful Keith Channing who gave me permission to pinch the last line of one of his stories:

“Who put that goddam sign there?” he hollered.

I know a lot of you enjoyed working on that one and thank you to Bharul Chhatbar who sent in her story.:


After a decade of extensive training, he was highly ambitious to set his feet down on Mars.

“Men are from Mars, eh?” he winked.

It wasn’t long before he saw some weird creatures. Then his eyes fell on something strange,  a board perhaps with a sign on it.

“Damn! What does this mean? Oh no,  this definately is not for me.”

Unable to control his senses, he hollered, “WHO PUT THAT GODDAM SIGN THERE?”

To which strange transistor like creatures encircled him in numbers, shrieking and yelling.

Afraid, he tried to interpret their words.

“Earthy, earthy,” they shouted. He nonchalantly stood shivering like prey, staring at the sign.

“How shall I return? ” he whispered.

“Earthy, earthy,” they grumbled. “Look at that sign, you are welcome but your fellows are not. “

He grinned. Was he really from Mars on an earth mission?



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7 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. TanGental says:

    We moved many times, always living over the shop. In good times, Dad helped in a bakery, once a toy shop. In not so good times, it was a pawnbrokers with poor families desperate, or a gunsmith who sold ‘second hand’ firearms to the local no goods. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do except to get away from ‘the shop’. Getting a place at University became the focus, as much as earning enough money sweeping floors to buy my own car. The day came when I packed and said goodbye. Everyone else was sad, of course, but I was just glad to face the road ahead. For one thing never again would I live over an onion peeling shop. As I drove away I let the tears come, wondering if I would ever come home again.

  2. blondeusk says:

    Great post Esther 🙂

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