Monday Motivations

This week’s Monday Motivations comes courtesy of the wonderful Keith Channing who has given me permission to pinch the last line of one of his stories:

“Who put that goddam sign there?” he hollered.

So, what happens to lead up to this line is up to you. I hope some ideas are already forming. For inspiration, you can read Keith’s story and see how he led up to this brilliant ending.

Last week, my prompt was the opening two lines of a poem:

She watches the morning unfold,

A beautiful woman with a head of gold.

Here’s what you sent in:

Adhin Shamina sent in a lovely poem:

She watches the morning unfold,

a beautiful woman with a head of gold.

She stands legendary

to weaken even the fearless and bold

but also spread her warmth

on to which hopes hold

that soon it will no longer be cold,

blossoming the roses, the chrysanthemums

and the marigold.

She appears in many tales

whenever they are told

and her virtues being known

are yet to see a threshold.

She sees the young growing old

and yet she will never be old.

Every day she gracefully show

as the morning unfold,

a beautiful woman with head of gold.

Geoff Le Pard’s will leave you speechless!:

She watches the morning unfold,

A beautiful woman with a head of gold.

She groans: why is her head so heavy.

Maybe it was that final bevy.

Last night’s a fog of booze and bars

Vodka shots and men from Mars.

The one she fancied, now she recalls

With well honed gluts and unearthly earlobes

Caught her eye with a piercing stare

And swapped a wish for a lock of hair.

She thought him cool, well mannered lad

Who she had to drag back to her pad.

At her front door his hesitation

Just added to her anticipation.

She puckered up, just one sweet kiss.

Instead he said, ‘About your wish.

Take it now. They don’t last long.’

‘In the morning it’ll be gone.’

She paused then said, ‘I don’t want much.

A lovely face and a Midas touch.’

She recalls that they then went to bed

And now she’s woken with a heavy head.

The mirror suggests her face is new

Her hair is gilded and the world’s askew.

For next to her, and she knows this is silly

Is an alien lad with a golden willy.

Bharul Chhatbar sent in one featuring me!:


She watches the morning unfold

A beautiful lady with a head of gold.

Each day she comes with something funny

Giving challenges to many

For a week too weary

Even though she doesn’t give a penny!

Such beautiful lady with the head of gold.

She watches the morning unfold

Set new challenges and read the old.

Brilliant job of her

Love you forever Esther!

A few weeks ago, my Monday Motivations was for the following opening line of a poem: She was always there. Cynthia Rapea has sent in this beautiful poem:

She was there…

She was always there when I was a baby and couldn’t recognise myself

When the world around me was still dark and everything was a mystery

When only my eyes could trust hers and no one else’s

How wonderful she was.

She was there for me on my first day of school

When all was confusing and creepy, she gave me hope

When I needed answers, her wisdom provided

How marvellous she was for me

She was my rock when my heart was broken for the first time

With her words she consoled me

Like a little girl, I cried on her shoulders

How special I felt in her arms

My wonderful grandma was like an angel

Sent from heaven just for me

With enormous wisdom and beautiful heart

And a smile that melts my heart

She will always remain special in my heart.



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11 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. Ali Isaac says:

    Have to admit I burst out laughing when I read Geoff’s poem! Trust you to lower the tone, Geoffle! And it was going so well…

  2. agenda19892010 says:

  3. agenda19892010 says:


  4. somewords4u says:

    Hello Mrs Esther, hmm this one needs planning. It will not be spontaneous out of my head Hahaha!. Just wanted to ask you if I can use what I post here on other websites representing my work. Thank you . Good day.

  5. Sacha Black says:

    Pahahahshhhahahaha I just read this to the wife and had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Geoffs poem is off the chart amazing!

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