My Weekly Writing Challenge

Sacha Black has kindly given her permission for me to pinch a couple of words from her blog ‘The Zen of Finding Lost Words’. So here is your new list for this week’s ten-word story challenge. Your story can be under ten words, but no more than ten and it must feature five words from the following list:

  • Tarantism
  • Orphic
  • Pettifoggery
  • Argle-bargle
  • Beckham
  • Qualified
  • Skirt
  • Turquoise
  • Bangle
  • Disney

Last week, your list was as follows:

  • Grizzle
  • Constellate
  • Swoosh
  • Tweet
  • Chortle
  • Chair
  • Doryphore
  • Cameron
  • Eucatastrophe
  • Furuncle

Here are the results:

Teachezwell was swift off the mark with two hilarious stories:

Cameron, always the doryphore, chortled as his furuncles constellated again.

Swoosh! Cameron’s tweet about his grizzled furuncles caused chortles online.

Sacha Black is always entertaining and witty:

Cameron grizzled, his eucatastrophe was unlikely with constellate, dorophoric furuncles!

Mellissa Barker-Simpson found herself laughing as she wrote her entry. I’d love to know what the tweet was!:

The tweet made Cameron chortle, and swoosh outta his chair!

Helen Jones is relishing these challenges and I love her entries: 

Doryphores constellate and tweet their furuncles. I chortle. Swoosh. Gone.

Les Moriarty shows us how it’s done with his brilliant story:

New tweet:chortle abounded as pus constellated around Cameron’s furuncle.

Helen Gaen always treats us to more than one fantastic story:

Counsel’s tweet about the furuncle constellate made the Chair chortle.

Cameron’s doryphore was a persistent furuncle of tweets and grizzle.

Swoosh, grizzle, chortle, tweet… at last, Cameron emerged  – grinning!

Swoosh! Grizzle. Swoosh! Chortle. Cameron’s doryphore received a spanking tweet.

The eucatastrophe of the doryphore’s furuncle constellate? A new Chair!

David Harrison joins us for the first time with two great stories:

Everybody constellate! Swoosh! Grizzle that doryphore’s furuncle,” cried the chair.

Cameron enjoyed the eucatastrophe of Jeremy’s itchy furuncle. Tweet, chortle.



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7 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Sacha Black says:

    aww thanks for the mention Esther, and for using some of my words! 😀 😀 Here’s mine:

    Pettifoggery sent Beckham’s disney skirt into an orphic tarantism

  2. Jocelyn Barker says:

    Hi, Esther!

    Two offerings for your challenge:

    – Beckham’s turquoise skirt and bangle prompted much argle-bargle.

    – Beckham wore turquoise skirt, bangle and fairy wings – very Disney!

    Best wishes, Jocelyn

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Helen Jones says:

    Thanks Esther – I am enjoying these challenges, and expanding my vocabulary too 🙂 Here is this week’s effort:
    Turquoise skirt, bangles shimmer. Tarantism dance casts an orphic spell.

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