Funny Of The Week/How Times Have Changed Part Eight

This week’s look at an ad of old focuses on the enigma that is the “Housewife Headache”. I’m sure today’s housewife would have something to say about this!


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10 Responses to Funny Of The Week/How Times Have Changed Part Eight

  1. Helen says:

    At least women do drive according to this ad… But, it isn’t these kind of chores that bring on headaches. In fact, I often do household chores or baking to release nervous tension and anger. And, of course … I write! The great cure all for me personally.

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  2. Sometimes I wonder how much things have changed!? Thanks for this thought provoking post

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  3. Sacha Black says:

    PAH!!! I had this today! I still can’t believe that these ads are real! I mean like, REALLLLLLLYY??????? shocking!

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  4. Bumba says:

    Ah, the good ol’ days, when women only had headaches!

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  5. Of course! The cure for everything. Take a tablet. Good job that’s all changed now….

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