Monday Motivations

Last week a few of you contacted me to say how helpful you found the opening lines in my Monday Motivations slot. So this week, I’ll give you two more – firstly for a short story and secondly, for a poem.


Matty knew he shouldn’t have taken it.


She was always there for me

Last week, your two lines were as follows:


No one understood how lonely it was being stuck up a tree all on your own. 


I didn’t see him, I didn’t know

Geoff Le Pard opted for a short story. As always, it’s simply brilliant:

No one understands how lonely it is being stuck up a tree all on your own. I can see them all from here, the jollity, the smiles. They know I’m here; they are the reason I’m up this bloody tree in the first place but do they care if I’m happy? They look at me like I should enjoy it, like it’s my calling or something. I can look down on the others: there’s that bearded fat git over there leering at me and stupid birds and, well, frankly a load of balls but it’s not like I can talk to them. Oh no, I’m on the top and I’m meant to delight in my splendid isolation. I mean, when I heard I was going to be a fairy, I thought I’d be special, not have a pine tree stuck up my a…

Adhin Shamina sent in a stunning poem:

I didn’t see him, I didn’t know
maybe because I am cold
as they all say, colder than snow,
as if I have no feelings
as if never to be happy I took a vow
but who will understand
how fate was to me like a blow
keeping for me it’s sharpest arrow
and even the little I had
was snatched leaving me hollow.
But I am still awaiting a shadow
of someone , a nice fellow
who will carry me away in his flow,
the world is still beautiful
that to me he will show
the beautiful colors of life
beautiful like the rainbow
whose arms will be my pillow
and resting upon them
will restore my hidden glow.
I didn’t see him, I didn’t know
and I hope he didn’t leave
leaving me in my own barrow
or else my never ending night
will never see the morning of tomorrow.



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17 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. I learn more wonderful things everyday! Thankyou Esther ..keep up your fabulous work. Brian

  2. Ali Isaac says:

    Geoff you are outstanding, as always!

  3. somewords4u says:

    Thank you Mrs Esther for these stimulating prompt

    Let me try

    She was always there for me,
    travelling in my empty pockets,
    hiding behind my torn clothes,
    pricking my feet
    through holes in my slippers,
    in my dirty hands,
    in my eyes swollen with
    sleepless nights of hunger,
    in my aching stomach
    without a morsels for days,
    in eyes full of repulsion
    as if I sinned when they saw me,
    in words full of humiliation,
    in back turning on me
    when head bowed
    I raised my hand
    for not the moon and stars
    but a little pity
    of which even the richest were poor.
    But now she will be sad.
    Now I am no longer there for her.
    Whom will she hold hostage?
    Good bye POVERTY!
    I got my liberty.
    Go choose another slave.

  4. TanGental says:

    She was always there for me
    when I took my first step
    seen by no one

    She was always there for me
    when I walked to school
    on my own

    She was always there for me
    when I opened my heart
    and could tell no one

    She was always there for me
    when I said, ‘I do’
    on my own

    She was always there for me
    when I held my new born
    with no one to advise

    And she will always be here for me
    as draw my last breath
    no longer alone

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