Monday Motivations

To motivate you and to help kick-start your writing week, I’m going to give you a single line to open a story with. Hopefully, it’ll set your mind thinking about all sorts of possibilities and threads of a story. And I haven’t neglected the poets amongst you so there’s also an opening line for you too.


No one understood how lonely it was being stuck up a tree all on your own. 


I didn’t see him, I didn’t know


Last week, I gave you some words to get you thinking:

  • Surprise
  • Affair
  • Shatter
  • Angels
  • Terror
  • Cafe
  • Accident
  • Alleyway
  • Poison
  • Rejection

Thank you to Adhin Shamina who sent in the following story based on the theme of surprise:


The city was under curfew. The upcoming general election had created much hustle and bustle in the region, not to say risks of riots. The temperature of the atmosphere hovering over the city had shot up greatly. But I cared not a damn, as if who would win or lose would have made any difference to me. But the tension prevailing surely did. Being without a roof was already enough to manage with. More, playing hide and seek was never something appealing to me. Sleeping on an empty stomach would be more than enough.

The announcement was made late in the evening. I was still wandering the streets with empty pockets. The people of the city had ears only for the news over the past days. My songs went unheard. Everybody was in a rush. Nearly all the shops were closed in the blink of an eye. I learnt from a fellow hurrying to I can’t say where that a two hour ultimatum was given to reach home.

Home! I thought. Where will I go tonight? Maybe my good luck was in; despite all, the tailor’s shop at the corner of the street was still open. The owner was known to me, a rather jovial fellow. I used to sit there and we would chat for a long time. He trusted me. Being a nomad was not ill-reputed after all. And he agreed to let me a place inside his shop for the night. At least that would spare the bullet carrying my name, I thought laughing on my own thinking.

The owner handed a bottle of water to me and said, “Nothing more for me for now. I’ll manage. What do you say?”

“Never a problem, sir. Thank you very much.”

He waved a hand and the shutters were dropped. I waved back but it was a problem. My stomach was churning. Not a single morsel had gone in since morning that day. What to do now?

After a little bit of toing and froing, I ended up with the idea of trying to get some sleep. No need to move around. I could have bumped into anything, injured myself and worsened my situation. I took off my only old jacket, made a pillow out of it and rested my head upon it.

I kept tossing again and again. Then I heard a sound coming from beneath, a crunching sound. I unfolded the jacket and slipped my hand in the inside pocket. I had a little packet of biscuits. God knows since how long it laid there.

“What a feast! A bottle of water and a packet of nearly stale biscuits!”

I kissed my jacket, folded it again, more gently that time and it was not much a struggle to hunt for sleep then. And for that I did not thank the lord but my packet of biscuits, for they did not rot.

And here’s a poem Adhin wrote on the theme shatter:

Certain feelings
which are spoken
may not always
be as token
but they may certainly
result in reasoning awoken
as they may be
expressions of a heart broken!



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10 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. I really enjoyed the quote at the end of this post. I’m still in the “Love” stage I have to say 🙂

  2. blondeusk says:

    I need to take part in these!

  3. somewords4u says:

    Hello Mrs Esther . Many thanks to publish my writings . Just wanted to draw your attention on the poem I submitted. It is not awake but awoken and not heartbreak but heartbroken. Thanks if you could do the needful.

  4. somewords4u says:

    Oh very nice of you Mrs Esther. Thank you. I wrote a little piece on the poem line you gave. Hope you will like it.

    I didn’t see him, I didn’t know
    maybe because I am cold
    as they all say, colder than snow,
    as if I have no feelings
    as if never to be happy I took a vow
    but who will understand
    how fate was to me like a blow
    keeping for me it’s sharpest arrow
    and even the little I had
    was snatched leaving me hollow.
    But I am still awaiting a shadow
    of someone , a nice fellow
    who will carry me away in his flow,
    the world is still beautiful
    that to me he will show
    the beautiful colors of life
    beautiful like the rainbow
    whose arms will be my pillow
    and resting upon them
    will restore my hidden glow.
    I didn’t see him, I didn’t know
    and I hope he didn’t leave
    leaving me in my own barrow
    or else my never ending night
    will never see the morning of tomorrow.

  5. TanGental says:

    No one understands how lonely it is being stuck up a tree all on your own. I can see them all from here, the jollity, the smiles. They know I’m here; they are the reason I’m up this bloody tree in the first place but do they care if I’m happy? They look at me like I should enjoy it, like it’s my calling or something. I can look down on the others: there’s that bearded fat git over there leering at me and stupid birds and, well, frankly a load of balls but it’s not like I can talk to them. Oh no, I’m on the top and I’m meant to delight in my splendid isolation. I mean, when I heard I was going to be a fairy, I thought I’d be special, not have a pine tree stuck up my a…

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