Monday Motivations

This week’s Monday motivation has an eerie feel to it. Who is the person with the torch? Who, or what is he/she looking for? Let you imagination go and see where it takes you:



Last week, I gave you the image of an underwater scene. Adhin Shamina felt inspired and sent in the following poem I’d like to share with you all:

When you struggle,
when you strive,
when you fight ups and downs
without losing your drive,
when you keep faith,
when you move determined
despite ahead there is unknown fate,
the time will come,
when your effort will be blessed
and even the greatest barrier
will be dropped
beneath your steps
leaving your pathway
without any hurdle.
As it is said
‘life is battle
in which we are soldiers
who have to fight
as far as being alive.’
And who knows
you may be given a hand
once you step in the battlefield.

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2 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. somewords4u says:

    Oh the picture is giving me goosebumps but I have written something different. Hope you will like it. It is always fun to be on your blog. Thank you Mrs Esther.


    To what has been gifted
    to all those with breath
    I shunned in arrogance.
    Only when for me
    they claimed their death
    I awoke from ignorance.
    Granted they were
    and would remain forever
    those blessings of life
    but none remained to me
    neither as a daughter,
    neither as a sister,
    nor as a wife.
    The warmth and brightness of the sun
    the colours of the day
    filling my life with so much fun
    I believed were forever mine
    and upon me forever they would shine.
    But now it is a time
    when I am no longer the prime
    and now I crave for same
    with head bowed in lost fame.
    Alas they are now too far
    and I am left
    with the ugly star
    that bears loneliness as name.
    Now I wander deserted land,
    now I wander eerie wood
    now those gifts of life
    how precious I understand
    what then I could not
    from where I stood.
    Still I want to say
    always be humble
    so that you get a hand
    to help you out
    in case you stumble.

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