My Weekly Writing Challenge

This week’s writing challenge has a summer theme to it. I’d like you to write a story or poem on one of the following themes:

  • Holidays
  • Adventure
  • Freedom
  • Memories
  • Fun

You can choose to interpret the theme in any way you wish.

Last week my writing challenge was for a story in up to fifteen words. Your story had to  contain words which started with the same letter. As you found, it wasn’t easy!

I simply love Keith Channing‘s excellent story:

Bloody big brown boxes blatantly began banging before breakfast, besmirching bombastic Betty Boothroyd’s biggest bra.

Geoff Le Pard wasn’t sure about his spelling, but as we’ll let him  off as his story is so entertaining:

Khief Khef, Kristopher Kampbell kounted Kristine Kollins, Knatchbury’s knewest kouncil klerk’s knineteen krispy kremes karefully.

Sacha Black finishes the challenge on a high:

Alexandro always an aggressive athlete, accidentally attacked aunt Audrey’s acacia.

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17 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Ali Isaac says:

    Last weeks was brill! Some great entries, you guys rock, I bet that was really hard to do!

  2. somewords4u says:

    It is just great to always share something with


    Preciously wrapped in thoughts
    they remain
    till the end of the lane
    where then
    they go insane.
    We will be taken
    forward and beyond
    through a door
    breaking and leaving behind
    what we have held in bond.
    We will be shown
    to remember
    another picture
    in other colours
    in other texture.
    But memories on the other side
    of that door
    nobody can claim
    to remember
    even hazed
    or whether they will be
    completely erased.
    are like theories
    no practical
    only radical
    for those still the
    other side of that door.

  3. somewords4u says:



    When you see the bird,
    soaring high in the sky,
    just like it,
    you want to fly.
    In the early morning,
    when you hear it chirping,
    on your garden’s tree,
    the mind thinks,
    without eye blinks,
    like it you wish to be free.
    It will be another day,
    just like every day,
    struggling to keep the play,
    where every actor is already in dismay.
    When the darkness of the night,
    engulf the beauty of the sunset,
    the mind runs wild with fright,
    leaving you frustrated and upset,
    you wait for the next sunlight,
    and pray for a new onset.
    But it was another day,
    just like everyday,
    struggling to keep the play,
    where every actor was already in dismay.

  4. somewords4u says:


    are Holy days
    for all
    and for ever!

  5. TanGental says:

    Summer holidays were always fun
    Days of adventure out in the sun
    The freedom to play
    Outside each day
    Happy memories of when we were young

  6. My offering is a bit long to embed in a comment, Esther (>1250 words). It’s called “Peeks of passion” and is at
    I don’t think it needs an Adult Content caution, but in case it does, I’ve just mentioned it.

  7. Riley Reed says:

    Hi Esther, my contribution is a Poem titled Summer Love:

    Hope you enjoy it!

  8. Sanjukta Bhattacharjee says:

    Hi Esther!

    I know I’m late for this challenge. But still would like to get your feedback. 🙂


    Avoiding you, deleting your pictures from my computer,
    Blocking you in my e-mail contacts, cutting off every little connection, altogether.
    These are the efforts that I’m making, to be able to forget you.
    I’d say that I am doing a good job at that.
    You don’t hover over my thoughts all day long anymore.
    Only sometimes, when I’m in a conversation and suddenly a familiar name comes up,
    I think of you, of your smile, of your eyes, of your mysterious voice.
    Only sometimes when I have finished watching a movie,
    And the credits start rolling up the screen, a much acquainted name grabs my attention.
    I then think of you, of your words, of your hands, of your hair.
    There are some mornings when I wake up trying to recollect,
    A dream that I saw the previous night, and then I realize;
    You were all over it, yet nowhere could I see your face.
    Only faint words seemed to hit my ears, as if you were calling from far.
    Not once did I hear you calling out my name, still I felt you needed me.
    I wanted to be by your side, I wanted to comfort you.
    Although I knew only too well that this was never to be.
    It was only a dream that I wanted to be real,
    It was the dream that I wanted to live.
    I want to see you, hear your voice, hold your hand.
    I want to rest my head upon your shoulders and let myself fall asleep.
    Yet here I am, trying in every possible way,
    To wipe you out of my memories forever.
    I wonder, will I ever succeed in my endeavor?

  9. Sanjukta Bhattacharjee says:

    Thank you so much Esther. This means a lot to me 🙂

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