Monday Motivations

Last week, I gave you a visual image to help you get the creative juices flowing:


Several of you felt inspired by the image and shared some wonderful ideas, stories and poems. Settle back and enjoy:

Stephenie Houghtlin came up with the following idea. I think she should turn it into a full story:

Emily was kneeling in church between her parents on the first Sunday of summer. She tried praying, but her mind slipped off to the endless days ahead when she was free at last…

Adhin Shamina was motivated to write the following poem:

Morsels are coming
in their largest.
Difficult to even swallow
let alone to digest.
As more than ever,
it’s a fear not a wish,
that there will be more to test,
time is coming in a friend disguise
hiding behind a foe
where, when and how
it will make its blow
perhaps the deadliest.
It is said
what we sow
is what we harvest.
But why should all suffer
if only some being irresponsible
show ignorance to the presence
of the most obvious pest.
Who will be our saviour?
Who will wear the crest?
We hope for an avatar
in our prayers, the earnest,
who will show the answers
and end our quest
and this is not a fear but a wish
that he tells us
today has been the darkest
and the distance with all those burden,
we have already reached the farthest.
When will he come?
Will he come or not?
Only He knows and only to Him
we can leave the rest.

Geoff Le Pard knows just how children think:

‘Dear Grandma, mummy says if I pray really hard you’ll hear me. I tried to put your hearing aides in the coffin but daddy said we had to recyle them. Can you hear in heaven without them? If you can does that mean your knees are better too? And do you always have a nice piece of fish for tea? How would they get fish in heaven? Daddy said heaven has everything. Does that mean you’ll have a sherry too, like last Christmas? Daddy says he hopes there’s sherry in heaven or he’ll put in for the other place? I suppose that must be the Rose and Crown. Did you know he was banned? He and uncle Martin had a little spot of bother. Mummy said you’d be angry but they said they were seeing you off properly so I suppose that’s nice, like a big wave. Though Unlce Martin couldn’t really stand so maybe he didnt do the waving and left it to daddy. If you can hear me, I wanted to say thank you for the trinket box which mummy says you left for me but the nice broach with the sparkly stones in it wasn’t there when she gave it to me and mummy said you must have given it to someone else but I saw it in her bedside drawer where she keeps the Christmas presents and that funny rubber thing she said I mustn’t play with or daddy’ll spank me. So I can’t say I’ve seen it and I wondered, if heaven is so wonderful like you said, if you could maybe ask someone to sort of put the broach back in the box? I promise I will be good and do my homework and love mummy and daddy and try and love Timmy and not poke him unless he’s really annoying. I know you like a little nap in front of the TV so I’ll pray tomorrow too if you can help me. I love you lots. Nancy’.

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2 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. Geoff Le Pard has written a grand piece from the child’s POV saying all the things that ring true from one so young, believing things are possible. You mentioned my few sentences turning into a larger story. I will work on it if Geoff does too because I love what he has created from the photograph prompt. It’s a fun exercise. Thanks Esther.

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