Top Tip Of The Week

My top tip of the week is to never give up. You can be pictures 2, 4 and 6 (left to right, top to bottom)!


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7 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. Never giving up is so important, and truly discovering yourself and what it is you are gifted to do makes that much easier. Once you discover your calling, it becomes much harder to ignore

  2. somewords4u says:

    A small poem to inspire you if you feel down at some point of the journey:

    Keep looking brother!
    and never to bother,
    if it is not this one,
    may be it’s the other!

    If it has not come,
    do not mind,
    if it has already gone,
    do not look behind.

    It is such a big world,
    but yet it is a small heart’s hope.
    So despite it is dark,
    do not let go of the rope.

    There will surely be something ahead,
    try to look for that instead,
    truly it is hard to forget,
    when you wait for something,
    but you don’t get.

    Oh! You got something!
    Ooh! It’s not big , it’s small.
    But oh! what a great thing!
    It’s yours after all!

    So, keep looking brother!
    and never to bother,
    if it is not this one,
    may be it’s the other!

  3. somewords4u says:

    May be this also:

    Among the thorns,
    see the beauty of the flower,
    and upon it the fresh morning dew.
    Inspiring from it each time,
    forget what had been sour,
    and start life anew.

    Life offers many opportunities,
    just do your best.
    You did it? you pass!
    Then forget about the rest,
    Do not waste time thinking
    how difficult had been the test.

    Life goes on.
    To live you need to strive.
    Good or bad, just feel it.
    And you’ll feel alive.
    when you’ll get the feel,
    you’ll get the drive.

  4. somewords4u says:

    And this one too:

    Standing on your feet,
    under the scorching sun and heat,
    even if you waited for long
    for a ray of hope to come along,
    but you nee not to forget,
    that if something you are trying to get,
    will never come on its own,
    and for that there is no need to frown.

    If you want to receive,
    you need to believe,
    you should try first then hope,
    perhaps you may succeed,
    there is better scope.

    But if you keep your arms crossed,
    and wait for destiny’s coin to be tossed,
    then who knows how the coin will spin,
    to make you lose or win.

    So better not to go by fate’s unknown trends,
    rather try to make your fate with your own hands,
    because it is better to trust the strength in your self,
    than to cross your arms and leave fate to itself.

    Life is just this: ‘here’ and ‘there’,
    you see what is ‘here’,
    but who knows whether what is ‘there’ is fair,
    therefore do not use all what is ‘here’,
    always keep something to spare,
    because if you want a better ‘there’.
    you just need to prepare.

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