Markets For Writers

My market for you this week is called ‘The Letters Page‘. It’s a correspondence-themed literary journal, which publishes hand-written letters.

The journal is published three times a year. Each copy is free and downloadable as a PDF file.

They’re looking for ‘stories, essays, poems, memoir, travelogue, reportage, conversation, criticism, speculation, illustration, deviation, and more. If you can fit it in an envelope, we will consider it for publication. There is no theme; there are no restrictions’. But short is their preference.

There’s no entry fee and each published letter will receive £100.

See website for further details.

They’ve just had a competition, so keep a look out for the next one.



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5 Responses to Markets For Writers

  1. What a great introduction that is. I keep telling myself I should start submitting short stories but I don’t seem to get round to it. I’m off to study their site now, and perhaps what I read there will jolt me into action. Here’s hoping 🙂

  2. gillswriting says:

    I love these market tips and very often follow through on them, keep ’em coming please! Gill


    I am endeavouring to target a publication which may find my latest offering suitable but struggling. I looked at the list of forthcoming events and anniversaries etc and found that in Sept 2015 it is 500 years since the birth of Anne of Cleves. I have written an article from the point of view of an imaginary interview with Hans Holbein who painted her portrait but cannot imagine where it would find its niche. Can you help?

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