Top Tip Of The Week


My tip for you this week concerns being accurate in your work e.g. facts and statistics are used in articles all the time. They often enhance an article, adding authority to it as well as interest. But those facts have to be right. You may have a deadline you need to meet, or it might be Friday afternoon and you want to get your article off before the weekend. That final piece of vital information could be proving to be elusive but you have a reasonable idea of what the figure/date/place/person is, so what do you do?

Even if it means a delay in submitting your work, you must check anything you’re not 100% sure about. An editor won’t thank you for making him look silly with information that’s incorrect and he’ll think twice about accepting something from you in the future.


Have a great weekend. I leave you with something to make you smile:


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4 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. Great point. I’m exploring something new in my next novel and though I’ve studied considerably on close personal protection, information is updating all the time and it’s the little things that can trip you up!

  2. The “(fiction) writer” poster is an inspiration – I shall strive for all six to make my LIFE fuller and much more interesting.

  3. teachezwell says:

    You made me laugh out loud! That’s a great poster!!! And also important tip.

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