An Interview with Esther Newton

Enormous thanks go to Jacqui for her fantastic interview questions and for allowing me to be a guest on her blog 🙂


My Book CoverI don’t know how I got to Esther Newton’s blog, but once I did, I spent a good bit of time browsing her posts and enjoying her take on the publishing world. When she launched The Siege, I wanted to share her story with all of you.

Briefly, Esther is a tutor for a British distance learning college. A lot of her students ask to read her work, which is why she decided to put them all together in a book of stories. Despite awards she’s won, she chose self-publishing because short story collections “don’t sell particularly well” (her words). To her surprise, the feedback has been great so far. As I read through her thoughts, here are questions that I just had to get answered:

  1. How do you market this, Esther? Do you require it in your class? Or use it as examples of a particular writing…

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8 Responses to An Interview with Esther Newton

  1. Hi Esther
    Would youlike to swap links with us?
    We own and run a non- profit fiction based UK e-magazine.
    Keith & Sharon.

  2. Thanks for letting me host you, Esther. It was great fun!

  3. Sacha Black says:

    You deserve it Esther 😀

  4. I love reading your book again, again! Thank you so much for sharing.Some day I ‘ll buy alot of book from you.

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