Top Tip Of The Week

Be Exclusive

When you write for a specific magazine, you only send your work to that publication. But some editors take months to come back to you. This is so frustrating. From past experience you know how difficult it is to get your work published, so surely it’s okay to offer your work to several magazines at the same time? If you’re lucky one magazine might take an interest. But what happens if, say, three editors want to use that one piece of work? You will have to turn down two and those two editors won’t be very impressed. You may have something else to offer them but they won’t put their trust in you again.


Have a great Easter everyone!


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6 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. Steve says:

    I hope you have a great Easter also; and be careful if that Easter Bunny leaves you a brownie and a note that says ‘Hope you enjoy this dreamy treat.”

  2. Oh my. What a rabbit. Do people leave treats for the Easter Bunny too? This little guy enjoyed them.

  3. Alex Gazzola says:

    I might have to disagree here!
    I think it depends on what you submit – and how the editors / publication operate. No magazine should publish without first consulting with you about fee and terms, but I’ve heard enough tales from my students to know that this does happen. If there’s a risk of that happening, you obviously need to tread carefully.
    But I think when you’re a bit established, it’s okay to occasionally submit same idea (idea, at least) to several editors – especially when it’s an idea that may be topical.
    I think each case / circumstance needs to be judged on its merits. The bit I disagree with is that the editors concerned won’t trust you again. I think most have been in the game long enough to know that writers have a living to make, and can’t hang around being ‘exclusive’ for editors. Whenever it’s happened in my career I’ve had editors say ‘darn it – I’ll learn to get back to you quicker next time!’

    All the best – Alex.

    • Thanks for your comment, Alex. Yes, I’m with you there – this tip was more for newbies. I’ve had a few students who’ve got themselves into hot water, but if you’re established it’s not so much of an issue. Hope you’ve had a good Easter 🙂

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