To Review Or Not To Review

When a friend of mine had a book published, I bought a copy and happily posted a review on Amazon when he asked. Now I’ve had my own book published I can ask the the same of him, can’t I?

I can, but I don’t like asking people if they’d write a review. I’m always told I’m ‘too nice’ or ‘too polite’, but I know everyone is busy and I’m just grateful that people have bought the book. A few people have posted reviews (a huge thank you) so if anyone else would like to, that would be wonderful (but you don’t have to!).

I still have a few signed copies of ‘The Siege and Other Award Winning Stories’ left if you’d like to buy the book and of course, it’s still available from Amazon and all other e-book stores. To find out more about it, click on the following link:  (but, of course, you don’t have to buy it!)

I’d love to know how other authors go about getting reviews so any comments would be welcome 🙂



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13 Responses to To Review Or Not To Review

  1. Sacha Black says:

    I’m going to review definitely. Just need to finish – not got many stories left 😄

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  2. Hello Esther!Very inspirational contents of your post and fun!!I Jst want you to know that I’am working on It.Thank you so muchs for sharing!

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  3. Esther, I think self published authors need lots of reviews. I’m like you in that I’m shy about asking for reviews but I think that to ask for a review on your blog is fine because many other bloggers are in the same boat. I’m not saying that because someone reviews your book you are obliged to review theirs but, I may be wrong here, there is a self publishing culture where “green” authors support each other.
    I noticed that you don’t have a link to your book. You might want to consider inserting one just to make things easier for your readers.
    All the best and I will definitely check out your book. 🙂


  4. When I posted about my upcoming publication (still a few months off), I had more readers than I expected offer to host me on a blog hop. I was humbled. Since then–and since I’m not there yet–I’ve paid it forward by returning the favor to people like you.

    Would you like me to host you on WordDreams? Let me know–I’m at It’ll be fun!

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  5. I approach blog reviewers with the offer of a free book in exchange for an honest review 🙂

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  6. I published my second novel recently and sadly, the amount of interest seems significantly smaller than with my first book. Possibly many of my old followers have stopped blogging and my new followers don’t feel they know me as well, I’ve no idea, but its a challenging landscape without doubt. You’ve had a much more vigorous response than have I so power to your elbow. You more than deserve the response 🙂

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