Monday Motivation Challenge Special – The Results

Last week I set you a Monday Motivation Challenge Special: can you write a short story, where the first sentence starts with A, the next B and so on, right throuigh to Z? I wasn’t sure if any of you would want to take up the challenge, but you did! And brilliantly, too. Here are the results. Sit back and admire:

Geoff Le Pard sent in his laugh-out-loud The A to Z of travel:

After two hundred yards, turn left.

‘Betty, does that phone know we need to get a move on?’

Continue to the next crossroads.

‘Don’t you think I’m trying to hurry?’

Effect a right turn.

‘Flipping, heck, whoever says ‘effect’ these days?’

‘Give yourself a minute, Betty.’

‘Harriet, I’m trying…’

‘I know, love, but the show.’

‘Just be patient, Betty, ok?’

Keep right.

‘Left surely?’

‘Maybe we should ask someone, Betty?’

‘Not now, Harriet…’

‘Of course, if you’re sure?’

‘Please Harriet, you aren’t helping.’

‘Quite what you have against asking the way, Betty…’

Right at the next fork.

‘Suppose we try him?’

‘That spotty youth?’

‘Unless you have a better idea?’

‘Virtually anything is better than asking him.’

‘Well what do you suggest?’

‘X-ray specks?’

‘You know what our chances are of being on time?’


Sacha Black sent in a very entertaining dark fairytale:

A long time ago in a land far far away there lived a hundred princesses, trapped by an evil queen.

“Beautiful princesses I think not,” the evil queen cried, “they shall never rule in my lands.”

“Couldn’t you reconsider your highness, the population grows smaller by the day,” shaking, the lowly servant bowed before her.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t want the land filled with flowers and frills and all things nice. Everything has to be dark, Harold, dark and fuelled by magic.”

“Flowers help our food to grow, we need them.”

“Get out, Harold, unless you are with me, you are against me.”

“Harry, your highness. It’s Harry.”

“Just because you have worked for me for a decade, don’t think I won’t punish your insolence.”

“King’s on his way ma’am,” Harry said making a hasty retreat.

“Louise, my dearest queen, I’ve missed you,” said the King.

“Manage to secure the Knights for the next mission?”

“No, I’m afraid not, my dear.”

“Oh, that IS a shame. Particularly because I have done my part in this evil plan.”

“Quite. Really, there’s no need for bragging though, I shall have them organised soon enough.”

“Should hope so too.” The queen reached for the vile of poison on the desk her lips curling into a menacing smile.

“Unnatural deaths for the princesses then?”

Violence flashed through her eyes. Wry smiles adorned both their mouths. X-ray vision hazed their vison with dozens of bloody princess deaths.

“You will join me my King, and we shall be victorious reigning in our dark land.”

Zigzagging across the room the King swirled the queen around in his arms and they cackled the night away.

Steve Walsky was motivated by this writing challenge and compiled the hugely interesting A to Z list of odd/unusual words on Simplicity Lane. Do take a look:

Following on from this, he created an A-Z story using those words. Simply genius and a must see:

Jason Moody sent in a super story:

All it is, is a date. Better to find out, than to spend my life wondering. Casually, I sit at the bar. Don’t look about, I tell myself, you’ll look desperate. Everybody in here is coupled up; this is awkward. Fumbling for my phone, I must look nervous. Gotta keep calm. Hold onto yourself. It’s just a girl.

Jesus, this is nerve wracking. Killing me, the waiting, it’s killing me. Last look up. My God, she’s here. Nobody’s looking at me, that’s good.

Olivia, I think she said her name was. Palms are sweaty now; she’s going to love that. Question is, what can I do about it? Rub my palms on my jacket. Saved.

Telling fiddle with the hair, she’s nervous too. Unbelievable; this girl has agreed to meet me? Very low standards I imagine. Why would any woman date this? Xylophone sounds emirate from my pocket. You have to be kidding me?

“Zoe, I can’t talk right now, I’m on a date!”



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5 Responses to Monday Motivation Challenge Special – The Results

  1. TanGental says:

    terrific set of entries Esther..

  2. Steve says:

    Thank you for the nods to my word list and story; very much appreciated.

  3. mihrank says:

    very interesting of motivational set and great standards!

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