Monday Motivations/A Little Guidance And Advice

As a freelance writer, I’ve had the fortune to write for all sorts of publications and to undertake all sorts of writing jobs from copywriting, to short stories, to humorous articles, to readers’ letters, to books. I learnt my craft many years ago through The Writers Bureau and once I’d become an established writer, I joined them as a tutor so I could motivate and help other fledgling writers to become published.

I love helping others – as much as I love writing myself. So, a short while ago, I started my own Guidance and Advice Service. We all need that helping hand sometimes, so if you think I can help you, whether it’s a critique of your work you’re after, an edit, some advice about a market – in fact, anything and everything, please get in touch and I’ll try and help you.

You can contact me directly:

Rates: New for 2015: £5 per 1000 words. Discounts for longer works and special circumstances taken into consideration.

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3 Responses to Monday Motivations/A Little Guidance And Advice

  1. Sacha Black says:

    I will certainly be contacting you once I finish that pesky novel!

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