Markets For Writers

I’ve had my job made easy for me again thanks to Sacha Black. She really has been wonderful in sending through details of competitions. Last week’s market had a very short deadline so you’ll be pleased to know this week’s is over three months away. ‘The Writers’ Village‘ is holding a short story competition with a closing date of 30th June 2015.

Entries of up to 3000 words are accepted from all around the world. And there’s some great news – publication in a blog, website etc. doesn’t exclude a story from being entered into the competition, unlike many. Nonetheless, if the story has appeared in print form it can’t be entered.

£1000 is awarded to the best story, with £500 going to second place and £250 to the third placed story. There are five short listed stories which will win £50 each.

The entry fee is quite steep at £15 an entry, but it does include feedback.

For further  details, see the webiste:



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  1. Sacha Black says:

    honestly, no need to credit me! just glad i can help 🙂

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