Markets For Writers

My market for you this week (especially for Keith Channing!) is a limerick competition. The Writers Bureau/Freelance Market News are holding a competition for the best limerick.

£100 goes to the winner, plus a Writers Bureau course of his/her choice. There are also two runner-up prizes of £50 plus a subscription to Freelance Market News.

There is an entry fee of £5 for up to four limericks. Any limericks over the four are charged at £1 each. For those of you who already subscribe to Freelance Market News, there is a reduced fee of £4 for up to four limericks and £1 for each one thereafter.

The closing date is 30th April 2015.

For more information, click on the following link:



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One Response to Markets For Writers

  1. Ok. I’ll try almost anything, but I think I owe it to society to keep my attempts at limerick writing strictly under wraps. I mean, I start jogging around in a limerick metre, whatever that is, but its not a pretty sight I can tell you.

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