Top Tip Of The Week

It’s the 2nd January and how many New Year resolutions have you broken so far? One? Two? All of them? If you have, you’re probably feeling a) annoyed at yourself b) frustrated c) like you’ve let yourself down d) a sense of deja vu e) all of these.

Yes, every year we do it – set ourselves New Year Resolutions only to find we break them. It’s good to have goals and things we want to improve on/achieve etc. But if we succeeded in everything we did, we’d all be bestselling writers, slim, have time to do everything we want to etc. We have to accept we’re human and it’s okay not to get things right, to let our resolve slip, to fail etc.

It’s how we handle it that can make the difference. Yes, you’ve picked up that bar of chocolate today. No, you haven’t written those 500 words you promised you’d write today and everyday. Neither have you popped round to see your grandmother this week as you vowed to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve those things tomorrow.

Accept your failings, dust yourself off and try again tomorrow.



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4 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. Sacha Black says:

    Lolling silently to myself and my failings! Haha x

  2. Very often, what we call resolutions I believe to be aspirations; things we aim to do, rather than are resolved to do. In my mind, a resolution is an unconditional promise to oneself, and unconditional promises are very serious undertakings.
    I aim to revise and fit for self-publication the two novels I started during 2014. I shall be seriously disappointed if I don’t succeed.
    I plan to write at least one more and hope to start a second. I shall not be happy if that doesn’t happen.
    I am resolved to lose, in eight weeks or fewer, the weight I put on over Christmas; I have decided to do that, and that shall be done. To quote the late JFK; Failure is not an option.

  3. wagabi12 says:

    Yes. There is always a second chance.

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