Top Tip Of The Week

Have you thought about the good old Reader’s Tip?

Readers’ tips are big business these days. More and more magazines are publishing them. Add to that the fact that for only a few words and a photo, you can earn up to £60 and readers’ tips are certainly not to be ignored.

Do your research carefully. Most of the women’s weeklies and some of the Sunday magazines have a tips page, but not all of them do. You’re wasting your time if you send a tip to one that doesn’t use them.

A lot of the tips pages feature tips with or without a photo. For magazines which use photos, always send a photo if you can. It will catch the editor’s eye and make it stand out above those without. Ensure your photo is clear. A grainy shot of something resembling the text won’t be used.

Your tip can be about more or less anything, from homemade decorations, to tips on how to save money, but whatever your tip, keep it short. A side of A4 paper explaining how to put your tip into action will be binned. Tips can be as short as 10 words long. Though, you won’t find many tips of more than 60 words published.

Your tip must be easy to follow. Anyone reading it has to be able to recreate it without difficulty. If you make your tip too complicated, the editor won’t use it.


Finally, here’s my Friday Funny:


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