It’s All In The Name

When I had my first book published, I didn’t give any thought to using a pseudonym. After all, it had taken me so long to bring out my first book, I wanted everyone to know about it. It was when a student saw my picture on the cover of a writing magazine and contacted me that alarm bells started to ring.

I was very surprised when I saw your photo in the magazine. You’re remarkably well-preserved for a 74-year-old.

74????!!!! Now, there are days when I feel like I’m 74, and my teenage daughter does call me ancient, but I hope, at the age of 42, I look significantly younger than 74.

I thought I’d look up my namesake and I can see where the confusion lies. The Esther Newton is an American cultural anthropologist, with many famous books to her name. Building on that further, is the fact that if you buy my book, you’re then encouraged to look at others by the same author, who is, in fact, the other Esther Newton and not me.

So perhaps I should have chosen a different name, but then my namesake could be worse. One of my fellow tutors found her namesake was a plumber who could fix any leak…so perhaps mine’s not so bad after all.

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10 Responses to It’s All In The Name

  1. Sacha Black says:

    HA! you know thats partly why I blog under Sacha Black – because my real name is so ridiculous that I don’t think (if I were to be so lucky) a publish would put it on a book cover. But also for anonymity as when I started blogging I did a lot of ranting in the early posts about things I shouldn’t given my job!

  2. Believe it or not, Hannice Knight started life as a nom de plume. How he became a character is beyond me!

  3. Ah! For those in the know there is ONLY one Esther Newton… 🙂

  4. Belinda Davidson says:

    I love your blog Esther. It has kept me going all through the summer. I am now starting to write again as my B and B is finally quiet.

    I have my typing article printed in December Best of British.

    Thank you for everything.

    Belinda Davidson

    Sent from my iPad


    • It’s lovely to hear from you. I’m really pleased your article will appear in Best of British in December. It was a really good piece. Enjoy your writing and thank you for you kind words 🙂

  5. mihrank says:

    Esther – Your brain is working like a informational creative machine!

  6. Sacha Black says:

    So I just googled Sacha Black to see what happened – DEVASTATED – there is a published Sacha Black already. Not happy about this! She writes in French though…. so maybe not as bad! Thought it would amuse you anyway!

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