My Weekly Writing Challenge

The numbers are going up. Last week it was 40-word stories I was looking for, this week, we hit the 50-word mark. So, for next week, I’d like to see anything from the humorous, to the sizzling, to the exciting, to the chilling, to the anything-else-you-can-think-of, all in 50-words.

Here are last week’s stories for you:

Keith Channing‘s story manages to get NaNoWriMo in there! Simply brilliant:

“Write a story using just forty words,” she said.

“It’s not possible,” I replied, “it’s November, and that means NaNoWriMo. Fifty thousand words must be written.”

Then I remembered what I owed her and relented. What choice did I have?

Sacha Black has produced a story, which must be made into a longer story. I’m sure you’ll agree:

“What do you mean Peter Pan’s evil?”

“Exactly that. He’s REAL and he’s EVIL.”

“It’s a kids’ book, Jake.”

“Listen. It’s real. He’s real. It’s not called Neverland because of lost children. It’s called Neverland because you never return…”

Geoff Le Pard takes up the challenge for the first time. Welcome Geoff and thank you for a clever and entertaining story:

One Viking planted his seed. It lay dormant through generations until it was time. A boy was born with vibrant red hair and green eyes. He sung like an angel. He won Eurovision in Copenhagen. The Viking had returned home.

Jason Moody warned me that he’d gone a bit crazy this week. He wasn’t joking! I hope you enjoy all his stories as much as me:

1) Jack and Jill ran up the hill, to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down, and broke his crown. Jill whipped out her mobile, as fast as she could.

“Hello. Is that NHS direct?”

2) Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again. However, scrambled egg was on the menu again. The soldiers cheered!

3) The beloved King was dying. He lay on his bed, gaunt and thin. The wicked Prince forced out another crocodile tear and leant in. The old King croaked.

“You will not be King,” he smiled.

With that, he died.

4) “Someone’s eaten my porridge,” the little bear cried.

“Someone’s slept in my bed,” said Mummy bear.

“Never mind that. Who’s taken my bloody paper?” growled Daddy bear. With that, he stormed out, slamming the door.


5) Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep. She didn’t know where to find them. She sighed, and reached into her designer handbag, pulling out a copy of Hello.

“Ooooh,” she cooed, reading the front cover.

6) It was the moment the entire family was dreading. They were all gathered around their mother’s bed. A middle aged woman nodded. A young man cleared his throat.

“Scream, as soon as you see her,” he whispered.”

7) My heart pounded as he kissed me. Every part of my being tingled. His soft lips caressing mine. Was I in love? Did he love me?

A sudden thought stabbed at my mind. How could I do this to my wife?

8) The sun rose, and kissed the horizon for the first time in years. Folk ventured out from their hiding places, drinking its rays. A dark figure clapped her hands and the light was gone.

“There you all are,” she hissed.

Jasdeep Kaur brings the challenge to a close with her beautiful story:

Revived Emotions

We relentlessly gazed at each other, his eyes again having the lost spark, my heart all to his unspoken words. A decade had passed sculling through the monotony of life. It was indeed the time to revive our dormant love.

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22 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Hannice didn’t know, when he inherited his father’s fortune, that he had a half-brother, the product of a liaison his father had enjoyed while at university.
    Stephen had no legal grounds to contest the old man’s will, but Hannice gave him half a million anyway.
    Good egg, that Hannice!

  2. Lyn Bishop says:

    “It’s at times like this that sudden death is the only option,” she thought, “but not my own obviously.” She sighed, so much work to be done in such a short space of time, but plans needed to be made to bring Terence into line, and sooner rather than later.

  3. TanGental says:

    Pet Logic
    Buster ran after the ball, stopped and headed for the woman by the gate. Paul called but Buster kept going.
    ‘Hello Moo.’
    Moo? He’s not Moo he’s… Paul remembered. The rehoming lady said his old owners called him that. The woman rubbed Buster’s head, turned and walked off. Buster followed.

    Johnson the cat slunk through the flap and surveyed his territory. Henry the sparrow stopped feeding and waited. Johnson thought about attacking but turned away. ‘Another time, bird’ he purred. Henry waited until Johnson was relieving himself and swooped over Johnson’s favourite spot, relieving himself. A small, if pyrrhic victory.

    Blackie the hamster was dead. Marjorie could imagine what Mrs Broom, 2Cs teacher would say when the form pet returned a stiff.
    The pet shop had every colour except black; the art shop said the dye well worked on fur, if soaked for an hour. Marjorie hoped hamsters could swim.

  4. Wendy Pope says:

    Hi Esther

    Here’s my entry for the 50-word piece (it’s actually an edit from a 141-word piece I thought of the other week!).

    He sits in his summerhouse, notebook and pens to hand. He likes it here; it’s quiet, it inspires him. With the window open slightly he can hear Nature, as well as see Her. For him, a peaceful heart and a clear mind are all he needs to create meaningful prose.

    Kind regards


    Wendy Pope

  5. Sacha Black says:

    Hope you can forgive me this is 51 words, and it is the first paragraph of my next assignment so not completely new:

    For a long time Conspiracies were territory for the crazies, saved for life’s eccentrics . Until one day,they weren’t. In one instant, one worldwide news broadcast everything we thought we knew about life and society became a lie. The long heads had landed and our freedom was going to be taken.

    • Sacha Black says:

      Sorry done on my phone errors amended:

      For a long time conspiracies were territory for the crazies, saved for life’s eccentrics . Until one day, they weren’t. In one instant, one worldwide news broadcast everything we thought we knew about life and society became a lie. The long heads had landed and our freedom was going to be taken.

  6. You’ll notice it’s based on the plot from one of the items in my last assignment….hmm.. thinks: have I stopped being creative?? ;-))

    Rita’s daughter screams from her bedroom, “Try that again and I’ll kill you… keep away from me!” Running towards the bedroom, she shouts, “June, what’s the matter?” “Stay out Mum!” Rita throws open the door and sees June holding a fly-swot and has just killed the wasp that nearly stug her.

    Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 15:47:01 +0000 To:

  7. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    Ray Of Hope

    Fluttering butterflies, blossoming flowers, chirping birds, bounteous water; no it was not a dream. In the Earth that had become a desert, there was still a green belt.

    A grain of sand will fall when you commit a sin, was the command.

    I sighed in relief: all was not over.

  8. JasonMoody77 says:

    50 eh? Right.

    Her wrinkled hand barely registering upon mine. My heart was pumping, my jaw clenched shut. This was it. I couldn’t face this.

    “I love you Beth,” she whispered.

    My eyes stung. Her eyes twinkled for the last time, as she gave me a weathered brown envelope.

    Then she was gone.

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