Top Tip Of The Week

Rejection Woes

Most writers know what’s it’s like to have their work rejected. Even the most optimistic person feels dejected for a short while. Then comes the questioning. Was the writing not good enough? Was the subject matter wrong? Perhaps the article was too long…

Your piece may actually have been spot on but the publication could have had something similar in stock or the editor wanted to move on to a different topic. The best option is not to take it personally and to write something else for them. It can sometimes take a few ‘goes’ before you crack a market. As regards the rejected piece, find another publication, rework it to their requirements and send it out. What isn’t quite right for one market may be snapped up by another.


Have a great weekend. Here’s your Friday Funny:

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6 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. mihrank says:

    “I am good at walking away. Rejection teaches you how to reject.”

  2. pollyesther says:

    Thank you for this post! I just found your blog this morning perusing through the likes of one of my new followers blogs and because we share the same first name, I had to have a peek ;). Being fairly new to the writing scene, I am still in the process of asking myself the above questions about my blog. I know the value and deeper meanings behind my real life stories that have sprung from a lifelong urge to help more people find happiness. They have the power to transform peoples lives into happier ones! Why is my following only growing very slowly, because I know there is a lot of unhappiness? Am I keeping it too basic and simple that my audience does not see it or are they just not ready to give up their dramas? Are my stories too mundane and boring to the average, overstimulated by the media, minds? I like to allow the reader to make up their own minds about their choices and all I try, is show them a different perspective on life and living from how I have come to see the power of gratitude, without trying to lecture anyone. Wouldn’t everyone like to feel that childlike feeling of wonder and excitement again? My own life has become so much happier, easier and less stressful, just by applying gratitude in daily life, that whenever I hear complaints or drama I struggle to contain myself wanting to help open their eyes, because I know how it feels from when I was there myself. You have just given me more courage to continue on my writing path with this article and keep at it! With gratitude, Pollyesther

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