My Weekly Writing Challenge

You seem to be enjoying my new weekly challenge series. There were some hilarious 20-word stories, as well as some very gripping ones. Read and enjoy below.

The first week of the series saw ten-word stories, the second week 20-word stories and so now we move to 30-word stories as your challenge for next week.

Here are your 20-word corkers:

Eddy sent in these highly entertaining 20-word reads. My personal favourite is the last one. It’s brilliant!:

1) I saw her looking at me looking at her. Staring contest. My phone rang. She won. Damn you phone marketers!

2) At my son and wife’s funeral a bomb went off and killed everyone I knew. I didn’t die. I lived.

3) I had to win Esther’s weekly writing challenge so I googled Keith and Jasdeep’s addresses and contentedly sharpened my knife.

Keith Channing sent in this catchy poem:

He wasn’t ready to retire
He had to keep on working
Year after year he carried on
Never, ever shirking.

Sacha Black opted for a chilling story:

They claimed it was a viral infection. Wrong. It was the start of the apocalypse. Now there’s 10,000 humans left.

Steve S. Walsky manages to tell a great tale in only 20 words:

He thought about their relationship. Was it just impulsiveness; like stirring coffee when nothing has been added? Yes. “Goodbye, Mandy.”

Jasdeep Kaur responded to Eddy’s ‘threat’:

Eddy’s plan was out. I don’t know about Keith, but I hibernated. After all, nothing can be above one’s life!

Then she sent in another great story:

My parched anatomy fell in the sand. No camel or oasis. I was lost and now I will be buried.

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14 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. The last time he saw his father he was five. Now, every time he sees a funeral procession moving past, he thinks of the father he never got to know.

  2. JasonMoody77 says:

    “I do,” I uttered. Megan’s smile lit the room. Applause. Momentarily, I caught Sandra’s eye, and my heart froze. Fool. I smile. I run to Sandra. What am I doing?

  3. JasonMoody77 says:

    I was dead. Pretty humbling. I stared out across the endless whiteness. Suddenly, a woman handed me a form and a pen. So begun my afterlife.

  4. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    Final Destiny

    Squealing winds shoved the porch swing ahead, the creaks wistfully seeping into my kaput heart. A shadow from the gravel backroad eclipsed me and took me to the eventual realm.

  5. JasonMoody77 says:

    “You want me to burn it?” I shouted.
    Sandra looked at me. “I know we were stupid to marry. But divorce?”
    We were eighteen when Isaac was born.

  6. JasonMoody77 says:

    My hands groped at the inky blackness. My heart close to bursting. My body reverberated with pain. Just kill me. I shuddered as he whispered. “Times up Jenny.”

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