Monday Motivations/Fabulous First Few Words – The Follow-On!

A number of you have contacted me to say how much you enjoyed this series so I thought I’d give you some opening words to help you shrug off the writers’ block and to inspire you into writing a cracking story:

  • I’ve always had a thing about the cupboard under the stairs. You would think that too many decades on from my childhood than I care to remember, it wouldn’t still send shivers up my spine every time I opened it.
  • Bang! The knock on the door jolted Alf abruptly out of his deep sleep. Smash! Glass flew across the room and shards fought their way through the thin duvet. Tears ran down Alf’s cheeks as the wind whistled through the cracked panes and swirled into the tiny room. He had thought it was over. He should have known better. It would never be over.
  • I should hate Amir. I should hate him with every bone in my body for what he has done.
  • Marion couldn’t believe it. She hoped her ears were deceiving her.
  • Where am I? Alex blinked and groaned. She opened her eyes and looked round the room. Where on earth was she?
  • Emma listened to her teacher and cringed. She knew just what Miss Mills was going to say.
  • I fought back a cry of pain as I tried to get comfortable. I closed my eyes. Was this how every day was now going to be?
  • Matty knew he shouldn’t have taken it. But it was such a brilliant thing, more brilliant in fact than anything he had ever seen in his entire life. Besides, he’d had no choice. His life wasn’t worth living without it.

Happy writing!

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7 Responses to Monday Motivations/Fabulous First Few Words – The Follow-On!

  1. dmauldin53 says:

    Very helpful words. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Again another helpful post, could I ask you for your thoughts on a developmental editor?

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