Top Tip Of The Week

Check, Check and Check Again!

I’ve been reading the final proofs for The Siege and Other Award Winning Stories paperback this week (If any of you would like to buy a copy, please let me know. It should be out mid-November. You will be able to buy it on-line from most e-book stores and bookshops, but I’ll have some copies, too). I’ve added a further six stories to the book to make something more of it for the paperback version.

On first glancing through, all seemed well and then I spotted the odd missing comma and a capital letter, which should have been a lowercase letter and vice versa. So I checked, checked and rechecked the stories and they’re now ready for the publisher and I’m 100% happy :-/

So my tip this week is to make sure you check your work. I’ve done the following exercise before and I thought it was about time I tested you again. There are ten mistakes in the following passage from a short story. See if you can spot them:

Best Holiday Ever

Tom sat in the stuffy car and stared out the window, a frown on his face

‘We’re all going on a summer holiday’ his dad sang, hopelessly out of tune.

‘La la la,’ his mum joins in.

Tom clenched his fists. It was all right for them. They liked Devon or Cornwall or wherever they where going. They liked it so much they went their year after year. Tom was only ten and he was pretty sure they had been there ten times.

It would’nt be so bad if there was something to do. but there was nothing, just a house (a cottage his mum insisted on calling it), a beach full of stones and a freezing cold sea.

His friend was going to Malaga in spain. It sounded great there. Why couldn’t they go to Malaga?

‘We’re here!’ Mum cried, clapping her hands together. ‘We’ll unpack and then we’d better get your bucket and out.’

‘What’s the point? A bucket and spade are a bit useless without sand,’ Tom sulked.

His mum sighed and opened the car door. Tom leaned back against the seat. He should be grateful, he supposed. Last year they had come for too weeks. Perhaps he could cope with a week.


Have a great weekend and enjoy my Friday Funny:

funny animals camouflage 002

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9 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    I swear I check and check again and then once again. Still I find errors.

  2. I must admit, I only came up with 7! Thank you for providing this exercise!

  3. That was a very good exercise. Thanks

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