Monday Motivations/The ABC Of Short Story Ideas Part Seven

Almost there…here’s S, T and U:

S is for Spy: The word ‘spy’ immediately conjures up an image of James Bond hurtling down a mountainside on skis or careering round corners in a fast car. Your story can involve that type of spy but think outside the box. A spy could also be a sister, spying on her brother. Why is he being so secretive? Is he taking drugs? Or is he gay and trying to hide it from his disapproving parents?

Your spy could be a neighbour who’s always poking her nose in others’ business. She may be unpopular but when she’s mugged, out on the street, is anyone there for her? Or her nosiness could be of benefit to someone and she could come to their rescue.

T is for Trapped: To be trapped doesn’t mean you’re caught in a snare or net. But of course, your character could be. He could have been out for a walk with his dog in a new area and wandered onto private property and succumbed to a trap set for animals or thieves. Does the owner save him? The property might be abandoned and the trap an old one, which no one knows about. 

Another idea which comes to mind is to be trapped in a relationship. Your character may have been forced into an arranged marriage and be living with a man who’s her worst nightmare. Or your character could feel trapped in a stressful job, which is making him seriously ill. He’s got himself and his family into debt and needs the money. Is there a way out for either character?

U is for Uppity: Uppity is a great word and you can have all sorts of fun with an uppity character. One idea is to write a monologue where your main character sees herself as being above all her neighbours, work colleagues, family etc. She looks down on them all but during the story she’s brought down a peg or two and finds herself at the bottom of the rung. Does she see how terribly she’s behaved? Or is she uppity through and through?

Your story could be about an MP with a puffed up sense of self-importance. What’s his downfall? Gambling? Women? Expenses?

You should now have lots of ideas for characters and the situations they find themselves in. Happy story writing!

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2 Responses to Monday Motivations/The ABC Of Short Story Ideas Part Seven

  1. Oooo. I like this one. Spy and Trapped. Both delicious things to reflect on for a wine starved wordsmith like myself. Dare I write about a spy of sorts. its a very good idea 🙂

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