Monday Motivations/The ABC Of Short Story Ideas Part Six

Moving on to the sixth part of my weekly series and it’s time to welcome P,Q and R:

P is for Party: Most of us have had a party or been to one, be it a children’s party, housewarming party, leaving party etc. Perhaps your party or the one you attended was on the boring side so now you have the chance to spice up the party in your story. Your main character could be holding an engagement party. What if her fiance’s wife suddenly turns up – a wife your character knew nothing about? How will your character react? Or is there more to it than first appears?

Your story could be for children. A birthday party in an old house could lead to the discovery of a door to a new and exciting world.

The party in question could be a party with a difference such as a character celebrating the anniversary of her divorce from a controlling husband.

Q is for Quirky: Writing a story about a character with a difference can make your story stand out. Your character could have special powers that he’s trying to keep a secret. Someone could see him using them one day. What happens next? Does the voyeur try and blackmail your character? Or do they become friends? Your character’s special powers could even save the voyeur at some point in the story.

Your character could be quirky because he’s a misfit and doesn’t have any friends. Do others bully him? Is he pushed to breaking point?

R is for race:  What do you think of when you read the word ‘race’? A running race? Horse race? Formula One race? These could all be the subject of exciting stories. Your character could be a cheat and want to win at all costs. Or your character could be the underdog and win against all the odds.

Of course, ‘race’ has many other meanings and your character could be involved in a race against time or the ‘race’ in question could be a person’s race and your character could have many hurdles to overcome in order to be accepted.

I hope your mind is now abuzz with ideas. Happy story writing!

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2 Responses to Monday Motivations/The ABC Of Short Story Ideas Part Six

  1. Love the ideas. Lately I felt as though my Muse has gone on vacation. :/

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