Markets For Writers

This week’s market is for UK and Irish residents. Purple Pumpkin Publishing have just started to hold regular short story and flash fiction competitions. There’s a competitions page on their website, which gives details of all the up and coming competitions.

Entry is free. A small cash prize is offered to the winner and each story is published on their blog page.

Every competition has a prompt word and there are some great prompts so take a look and get inspired:

For more markets, take a look at my ‘Markets For Freelancers’ and ‘More Markets For Freelancers’ pages.

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5 Responses to Markets For Writers

  1. Belinda Davidson says:

    Please print

    Sent from my iPad


  2. I’m always grateful you publish these prompts, and always feel a bit guilty that I haven’t entered any competitions but I am gripped by a strange inertia in that area. Silly, I know, but perhaps if you keep prodding, I will overcome it

  3. Will check this one! By the way, I’m currently reading and very much enjoying your short story collection 🙂

    • Thank you so much for buying the book and for supporting me. It’s very much appreciated. May I also take this opportunity to say I love the new photo. You’re a very pretty young lady 🙂

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