Monday Motivations/The ABC Of Short Story Ideas Part Five

This week, it’s on to M,N and O:

M is for money: They say money is the root of all evil. Your story could centre around this theme and feature a character who will do anything for money. Perhaps he goes a step too far and gets his comeuppance. Or your story could be about a character who doesn’t have any money and who struggles day to day. What happens when that character is pushed to her lowest ebb? This could make an emotional and heart-felt read or your character could come into some money and find her life turned around. 

N is for new:  The word ‘new’ conjures up all sorts of storylines from a new job, to a new hobby, to a new boyfriend/girlfriend to a completely new start. If we take the latter, your character could be on the run. She may have been in trouble with the law but realised her mistake and be trying to make amends. Or she could have gone through a messy divorce and be looking forward to a fresh start on her own.

O is for operation: This could be taken in several ways. Operation could mean having an operation in hospital. Your character could be a child knocked down by a car. He’s rushed into hospital and his family face an anguished 12-hour wait.

Alternatively, operation could mean a different type of operation – perhaps a surveillance operation carried out by the police. Who is being watched and what happens is up to you.  

These are only a few ideas. Hopefully you’ll have plenty more and be eager to start on some stories.

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5 Responses to Monday Motivations/The ABC Of Short Story Ideas Part Five

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    I’m involved in an operation.. It’s called Operation Cut It All Away

  2. Kate Loveton says:

    I like the ABCs, Esther. I’ve come late to them… are they gathered together anywhere on your blog?

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