Monday Motivations/The ABC of Short Story Ideas Part Four

Another week and it’s onto J,K and L. I hope these ideas kick-start your short story writing week:

J is for job: The job of your main character opens up all sorts of story possibilities. Your character could be a spy but his family think he’s a boring office worker. Perhaps the family’s lives are at risk and your main character has to save them. He could succeed and save the day – with them having no knowledge of his involvement and then moaning at him when he returns home late.

Or maybe your character is going for a job interview. When she arrives she realises the job’s not what she thought it was at all. What if they ask her to do something she doesn’t agree with? Does she go through with the interview or make a run for it?

Your character may be unemployed and struggling to feed his family. Perhaps he’s turned down for a job yet again. How does he face his family? What happens to them?

K is for kill: Your story could be about someone who is an assassin. His latest target could be someone he used to love. What does he do?

Alternatively, the main character of the story could be the target. She may have a mysterious past which is finally catching up with her and she’s forced to go on the run.

Another idea is to write your story through the eyes of someone who has been killed. You could reveal this to the reader straight away or keep it as a revelation at the end.

L is for love: Boy-meets-girl stories have been done over and over. Why not write a story about a mother/father’s love for their child? Perhaps the parent has to make a tough decision but is willing to sacrifice anything for his child.

Love isn’t restricted to humans. We’re known as a nation of animal lovers, so you could write a story about the bond between pet and owner. The owner could be a child whose dog helps him get over the death of his father or who saves him from some bullies. 

An amusing story could be about a narcissistic character. Readers would enjoy a story about her how she gets her comeuppance.

I hope your head is now full of exciting new ideas. Happy writing!








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2 Responses to Monday Motivations/The ABC of Short Story Ideas Part Four

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    I intend to incorporate all your prompts soon…

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