Monday Motivations/The ABC Of Short Story Ideas Part Two

Apologies for interrupting my weekly series to bring you news of the launch of my book. Normal business is now resumed! But I would like to thank you all for the support you’ve given me with the book 🙂

This week, I’m covering the D, E and F of short story ideas. I hope they kick start your Monday and spark off some ideas for you:

D is for DARKNESS: What does the word ‘darkness’ mean to you? A stalker lurking in the shadows watching another’s house? A modern or ancient witches’ coven? A child having a nightmare about the bullying he endures at school? Police swooping in to raid a property? A pensioner cowering in fear of young lads who terrorize her every evening? Who the characters are and what happens in the story is up to you.

E is for EMERGENCY: An emergency covers a multitude of topics. Your story could feature a terrifying emergency where a girl is trapped in a well in the woods. Perhaps it was hidden and she fell down it while exploring with a friend. Or the emergency may be less serious (though perhaps not for the character) and you could write a monologue about a character who feels her life is one big emergency, from shrinking all her work clothes on the wrong wash, to feeding her husband dog food for dinner by mistake, to the on-going feud she has with her neighbour.

F is for FREEDOM: Freedom is a wonderful word. It can mean freedom for a character who has spent a spell in jail . He could have been guilty, served his time and vows to have changed his ways, or he could have been wrongly convicted and now hell-bent on revenge. Alternatively freedom could mean freedom from oppression where a character has made a stand against her controlling husband or freedom for a young girl who has run away from home as she hates her step-father.

I hope these few ideas have started you thinking. If you’d like to use one of the ideas for a story for my weekly writing challenge, I ‘d love to see it.


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