Markets For Writers

This week’s market will be added to my ‘More Markets For Freelancers Page‘.

I know a lot of you enjoy flash fiction as evidenced by the delightful stories in the recent challenges I’ve run so I’ve found a market which invites writers to send in stories of between 20-100 words:

‘Just 100 Words’ is a daily on-line competition open to all. A cash prize of US$50 is on offer for each daily winner. You can view the current winner and previous winning entries on the website.

There is an entry fee of US$5 for the first entry and US$2 for any subsequent entry. This can be paid via paypal.

The competition prides itself on offering instant recognition to quality writers.

Fancy a go? Take a look at the website:





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2 Responses to Markets For Writers

  1. I’m not quite sure what ‘flash fiction’ is, although I’ve heard a couple of people use that expression about my Blog entries

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