Top Tip Of The Week

Building on my top tip from last week and the topic of dialogue, how do you differentiate between direct speech and indirect speech? New writers are often confused so here’s some help:

Direct speech is where the character says the words for himself e.g.:

“How dare you copy my answers! I’ve worked hard for this test. I thought you were my best friend, Dave. I thought I could trust you,”  Tony said.

Indirect speech is when the character’s words are outlined by the writer e.g.:

Tony asked Dave how he dared copy his answers. He told him he’d worked hard for this test and that he thought Dave was his best friend. Tony said he thought he could trust him.

See the difference? The direct speech is far more emotionally charged and brings the characters and the circumstances surrounding them to life.

I wish you all a great weekend:




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2 Responses to Top Tip Of The Week

  1. mihrank says:

    Never too late – You are always on time!!

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