Monday Motivations/The ABC Of Short Story Ideas Part One

This is the first in a new weekly series of short story ideas. I ran a series of A-Z article ideas a short while ago and thought it only fair that short stories had their turn. I hope you find it helpful in stimulating your writing mind:

A is for AMBULANCE: When you think of an ambulance, do you think of blue flashing lights whizzing a casualty to hospital? Who is the casualty? Has someone been stabbed? What’s the story behind it? Or perhaps it’s the worn out paramedic, who lives with a violent husband whose story is worth telling.

B is for BURGLARY: This topic could have several different threads. You could write a story from the victim’s viewpoint. An irreplaceable heirloom could have been stolen and the story behind the heirloom told in flashback. Another idea is to write from the burglar’s perspective. He could be a young boy who has run away from a terrible home life. Maybe his mother died and his father can’t cope, so he’s turned to drink. Or how about a bungled burglary, with a hapless criminal? This could make a humorous story.

C is for CASTLE: Ghost stories are often set in old castles. But there’s plenty of scope for different types of story, with a castle as a setting. What about taking a well-known fairytale such as Sleeping Beauty and building on the story? What would Sleeping Beauty do if she woke up after a hundred years and found herself faced with a world of Superdry fashion, Miley Cyrus, mobile phones and Facebook?

Scribble down some ideas and you’ll have a story before you know it. Remember there’s also time to enter my weekly writing challenge.

Here’s my motivation picture for you this week:







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