Monday Motivations/E-Publishing and the Re-birth of Malapropism, Misspellings, Mistakes and Mayhem

After my piece on adding humour to your writing last week, I thought I’d build on it this week and help you to start your week off with a smile:

E-Publishing and the Re-birth of Malapropism, Misspellings, Mistakes and Mayhem

They say anyone can be published these days thanks to e-publishing, blogging, social networking and so on. It’s seems that’s true, malapropism, misspellings, mistakes, mayhem and all. Here are a few gems that have been spotted in e-books, articles and stories on the internet:

One person was enjoying researching her family tree and wondered if she might become a gynaecologist one day.

Another was worried about his grammar as she was all over the place and he thought she might be drunk.

Alas, pity the criminal described as lacking morals and being roofless.

Perhaps he was discovered by the detective who was feeling rather pleased with himself, having spotted a man, lurking in the corner, acting auspiciously.

Though you have to feel for the poor chap who was working away in his lab, trying to save the love of his life, but couldn’t get the anecdote quite right.

Then there’s the smart man, wearing his 3-piece-suite, which sadly didn’t fit him very well.

Nonetheless, rather that than being a man who had had enough of his neighbours and was feeling irrigated.

A vivid image is portrayed by the lady who had returned to work after an absence and was relishing her new roll in the limelight.

She may have known the woman who couldn’t eat another mouthful of desert.

At least she wasn’t the one who was waiting nervously by her front door, waiting for her male to pop through the letterbox.


My image to help the creative writing juices get going on this Monday has been inspired by the woman who struggled to eat anymore desert:






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8 Responses to Monday Motivations/E-Publishing and the Re-birth of Malapropism, Misspellings, Mistakes and Mayhem

  1. Did you find all those on a web sight?

  2. eddy says:

    I too hate feeling irrigated but what else can you do after eating a mouthful of desert!

  3. mihrank says:

    Your blog is like a magic – upon reading over your blog, I was feeling I was standing on Coronado Island!!

  4. Ayo Oboro says:

    I couldn’t decide which one was most hilarious.

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