Top Tip Of The Week

The Numbers Game

A lot of publications and competitions now accept work by e-mail but some still prefer work to be submitted by post or accept both. If you’re sending an article, short story or novel by post, always number your pages. In busy offices with lots of different scripts, it’s easy for pages to become muddled. Then your beautiful, flowing article/story suddenly doesn’t make sense. If the pages are numbered, the editor/judge/publisher can easily see which pages go where. If they aren’t numbered, he may not have the time to work it out and your piece of work could find its way onto the rejection pile.

Building on this point further, make sure each page includes the title of your work e.g. in the top right hand corner.  Again, if a page becomes mixed in with another writer’s work, the reader will easily spot this.

It’s also usual to add your name to the title of your work on each page (e.g. in the top right hand corner of the page, if this was an article, I would write:Top Tip Of The Week/Newton), unless it’s a competition, where the entry needs to remain anonymous.


I wish all of you a great weekend:




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