My Weekly Writing Challenge

Some of you weren’t too keen on last week’s poetry challenge while others thought they’d give it a go, some for the first time. This week, it’s back to prose for my new challenge: I’d like you to write a short story in 20 words – yes, just 20! It can be done. Here’s a not particularly good one of mine to demonstrate:

The publisher sighed. He looked round at his threadbare room. If only. If only he hadn’t turned J.K. Rowling down.

So, please, please come up with a better one than that for me. Eddy is always first to respond to my challenge. Will anyone beat him this week?!

Thank you once again to all those who sent me poems. Here they are:


Summer Rain

He sat there, hungry
and thirsty
and sweaty.
Dreams too hazy,
like a mirage on the horizon of his consciousness.
Hopes too lazy
to rise with the hot air.

He sat there, miserable
on the sidewalk;
and cursed.
A piece of plastic moved.
A cold air reprieve.
Rain drops crashed
and burned his skin.


Keith Channing:

In the heart of the country, Charolais cattle rejoice in watching their young,
snow-white calves that romp on the grass,
leaping and bounding as one
reminding us of wispy clouds
against a verdant sky

On beaches and lakes, vacationing parents delight in watching their young,
snow-white calves, covered all winter
are freshly exposed to the sun.
Their brief sojourn has just arrived,
But how the time will fly


Jasdeep Kaur:

The summer sun

The summer sun shined on the London Street;
the leaves clattered in a rhythmic beat;
the children cheered for ice-cream treat;
all welcomed the cosy heat.

The sun danced over a Hawaiian island;
the fish swam in euphoric band;
the Children rolled in warm sand;
lovers strolled, hand in hand.

In Thar Desert, the sun intensified;
the life looked for places to hide;
the children stared at the sweltering slide;
all wondered what would betide.

The noon saw a scorching sight;
the ice-cream melted before a bite;
the rays turned to orange from white;
sand stormed with all its might.





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21 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Georgie loves her dog. Georgie loves her job. Work takes her away, away from her dog. How will Georgie cope?

  2. Charles says:

    Hi Esther…here’s my 20-word story.. Wen oy waz et skawl, oy waz tawd oy wownt neva b a ryta beecos mispellin woz weeyk. Wot kan oy doo? Best regards, Charles Norman (Wow..did I spell that right??) ;-)) Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 14:10:36 +0000 To:

  3. Ayo Oboro says:

    I love the poem sent in by Jasdeep. I could feel the summer from his poem.

  4. Ayo Oboro says:

    In response to this week’s challenge,please find below my 20 word story titled Ruth:

    He looked down from the tenth floor balcony and contemplated jumping but thoughts of leaving little Ruth behind stopped him.

    From Ayo Oboro.

  5. Steve says:

    Here’s 20 words from across the Atlantic:

    He lost final Jeopardy. Asked to define a cricket team number, the entomologist responded, “One male and one female cricket.”

  6. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    Thanks Esther and Ayo for your kind words. It feels very good to hear about our work.

  7. Jasdeep Kaur says:


    He stopped staring, came closer, grinned, and whispered in my ears, “Your shirt is inside out!”

  8. eddy says:

    The morning sun came. The mourning son came. He shone. After ten years he cried. But every sun must set.

    • I was wondering where you’d got to!! Your 20 word story was definitely worth the wait! Thanks, Eddy. I really enjoyed it 🙂

      • eddy says:

        I got delayed on my reading this week and missed your Thursday post till now. I tried to emote certain feelings through this story. You must know about Hemingway’s 6 word masterpiece;
        “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”
        I was trying something like that. To say a lot with very few words. But the more I read what I’ve written, I think it’s just confusing.

      • I know the 6 word-piece you’re referring to. I might pinch that idea for my weekly challenge so watch out for it! I like what you’ve done with the story and felt that I understood your meaning. But I often write stories and then feel they’re rubbish! I think most writers feel that way.

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