My Weekly Writing Challenge

Thank you to all those who gave my 100-word story challenge a go. Here they are. Please comment on them; it means a lot to the writers to know that others have enjoyed their work and perhaps been inspired by them. My new challenge can be found if you scroll down to the end of the stories.


Eddy always seem to be the one to take up the challenge first so his beautiful story rightly comes first:

Red Rain in the Gutter

I had been waiting for Sam for over an hour in the winter rain. Cold heavy fists punched down on me from above. My bones shivered but my skin was wet with sweat instead of rain. Silently in the shadows I waited for Sam. Today was the day. I was going to do it. In the end, red would mix in with the rain water in the gutter.

Silently I waited.

Sam came.

I got ready.

“Will you marry me Samantha?” I asked, down on one knee, as red rose petals fell from the floor above and got washed away.


I forced my student, Keith Channing (apologies, Keith but it was worth it!) to have a go:

The young London Bobby found her sitting on a bench in Hyde Park. Her paper-thin skin was charring in the relentless rays of the noon sun; the sun that hung above her like a vulture, waiting for her to leave this body and slip into one younger, more vital, more able to support her in the next phase of her mission. This one will do, she thought, as her essence left when the old body exhaled and expired, and she rode the current of the younger man’s inhalation. This one will do nicely.


Another student, Paul Banks felt inspired with his vivid story:

The smell of alcohol overpowered the sombre room. Emma looked at herself in the mirror, but didn’’t recognise the person with the greasy hair, red rimmed eyes and tear streaked face staring back. Time seemed to stand still, but the pain intensified, rising from the abyss like a dragon ready to engulf her. Pressure escalated in her arm as the elastic cord tightened and the cold prick of steel entered her, pushing the poison into her veins. Warmth erupted from her heart and extended to every fibre of her, falling into the euphoric void where the dragon finally consumed her.


Student, Jasdeep Kaur, who last week wrote eight (yes, eight!!) limericks sent this story:

Love is beyond past actions

He was back. Never tired of going through the huge pile of messages, he saw the next one with the same kindness.

“Please, give me more!” Sally sighed plagued by her ever increasing stack of unpaid bills. He clicked the “Consider” button for further processing.

“Be merciful and help me!” Anna cried as she lay immovable in the bed in an ICU. He clicked the “Quick Verdict” button.

“Oh, how much I long for you!” Sharon’s quivering lips voiced.

God clicked “Granted”, and a light filled the room where Sharon sat motionless gazing the dark sky of late night.


Finally, student, Sanjukta Bhattacharjeefelt inspired to write about the power of the book:

Sonny’s sleeping pill…

It was 2 o clock in the morning. Sonny could hear the sound of loud snoring coming from her mother’s room. But she just could not drift into sleep no matter how hard she tried. She kept twisting and turning on her little creaky bed but to no avail. Millions of worldly thoughts were swarming around in her little head. Then an idea struck her.

She picked up her school book and started reading. And as she had imagined, within minutes of opening the book, sleep came knocking at her eye lids and she passed out!


Your New Challenge:

The sun is shining in Britain today and summer is on its way! So this week I’d like you to write a poem with a summery theme. It can be about a holiday, the countryside, the sea, the weather – anything goes! I’ll publish your poems next week 🙂


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10 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. eddy says:

    Summer Rain

    He sat there, hungry
    and thirsty
    and sweaty.
    Dreams too hazy,
    like a mirage on the horizon of his consciousness.
    Hopes too lazy
    to rise with the hot air.

    He sat there, miserable
    on the sidewalk;
    and cursed.
    A piece of plastic moved.
    A cold air reprieve.
    Rain drops crashed
    and burned his skin.


    • First again! I wondered if you would be 🙂 And for the creative juices to flow so quickly! I love the contrast here. Thanks for the poem :-))


      • eddy says:

        Thanks! I don’t get poetry but I try to just shut my brain and let my heart type. I know by summery you meant pleasant poems but for an Indian summer is too hot. I guess I’m talking about global warming and recession and climate change in the poem. I’m not sure. My heart won’t tell my brain what this poem is really about.


      • I think it’s great to let your heart do the work. And I’m sure your brain won’t mind not fully understanding 😉


  2. I know it’s rubbish – I’ve never written poetry before. Nonetheless, here goes:

    In the heart of the country, Charolais cattle rejoice in watching their young,
    snow-white calves that romp on the grass,
    leaping and bounding as one
    reminding us of wispy clouds
    against a verdant sky

    On beaches and lakes, vacationing parents delight in watching their young,
    snow-white calves, covered all winter
    are freshly exposed to the sun.
    Their brief sojourn has just arrived,
    But how the time will fly


  3. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    The summer sun

    The summer sun shined on the London Street;
    the leaves clattered in a rhythmic beat;
    the children cheered for ice-cream treat;
    all welcomed the cosy heat.

    The sun danced over a Hawaiian island;
    the fish swam in euphoric band;
    the Children rolled in warm sand;
    lovers strolled, hand in hand.

    In Thar Desert, the sun intensified;
    the life looked for places to hide;
    the children stared at the sweltering slide;
    all wondered what would betide.

    The noon saw a scorching sight;
    the ice-cream melted before a bite;
    the rays turned to orange from white;
    sand stormed with all its might.


  4. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    So true! A new realization – inspiration is hidden in every word we read and every person we meet. We just have to keep looking for it.


  5. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    Correction: Realization of what was always suggested but never put to practice.


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