Markets For Writers

The Global Short Story Free Flash Fiction Competition

My market for you this week is a 100-word flash fiction competition but you’ll need to get your skates on as the closing date is 13th May 2014. It’s free to enter and all you need to do is place your story in the comments box on their Facebook page. Scroll down to the post dated 22nd January, when the competition was launched and click on ‘comment’ to add your story.

Entries are accepted from all around the world and there’s a winner’s prize of £50 for the best entry.

If you miss the deadline, keep checking their Facebook page as they hold regular free to enter flash fiction and poetry competitions.

Facebook page:






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2 Responses to Markets For Writers

  1. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    There was a special mention to my story in the results of flash fiction competition. This was a real award for me, and this was because of you. You help and encourage so many. It’s amazing to know someone as noble as you. I really thank God to help me make the decision of shifting to the fiction part of the course. I am in high spirits and all this is because of your guidance and knowledge sharing. No words can be enough to express my gratitude.

    I thank you from the depth of my heart.

    • I saw the special mention. That’s absolutely fantastic. I’m so pleased for you. And thank you so much for those wonderful words. That’s so kind of you, Jasdeep. I’m only too happy to help.

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