My Writing Week

As you’ll all have experience of, returning to work after a holiday isn’t easy. It’s often a case of the body being back home but the brain is still on holiday! Though, the memory of the scorching sun and mystery of Egypt are already dwindling away as I catch up with assignments and deadlines. 

The market I’m adding to my ‘More Markets For Freelancers’ page is the ‘Aren’t Men Daft’ page in women’s weekly,That’s Life!’ This is a filler slot and the magazine uses around six pieces in each issue. If your grandad, dad, husband, male friend etc has done something silly, then this is the page to write to. As well as narrative stories of daft doings, they also use photos of said males either dressed up or doing something funny.

£25 is paid for each piece, with or without a photo.

On this page, they also have a slot, ‘Fit Fella’, which as the name implies features photos of your grandad, dad, husband, male friend looking their best. £50 is on offer if your photo is used.

E-mail your photos and stories to: or go to the website to send your submission directly:




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3 Responses to My Writing Week

  1. mihrank says:

    welcome back – You have a wonderful color of taste in your blogs! Bravo!!

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